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Isolde: the Empress of Ice
Empower Your Divine Arma to Unlock New Skills!
Angel’s Got Talent: Submit Your Quiz for Castle Raiders!
The Imposing Parade Turkey Debuts in Wheel of Fortune!
The Most Powerful Ever! Chain of Justice Available in Angel’s Treasure.
Mystic Domain: Challenge Divine Guardians to Empower Divine Armas!
Three Exclusive Rewards on GTarcade Desktop You Don’t Want to Miss Out
Update V3.13.0: New Hero Isolde
Smelting and Reforge: Recycle Materials and Boost Your Equipment!
Take the Martial Grandmaster Rei Into Your Squad!



    1. League of Angels Trailer

      League of Angels Trailer

    2. Angels VS Dragons

      Angels VS Dragons

    1. Haunting Eve

      Haunting Eve

    2. Bartoli


    3. Starry Summer

      Starry Summer

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