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X-Server Angel’s Fortune: Be stronger by equipping Dawn and Dusk
Best chance to get Wings of the Fae
Featured Hero: Athena - Powerful Damage reduction & rage recovery
Holiday Exclusive Outfit – Song of Life
Update: V4.3.0 New Mythic Hero Athena and adjusted Hero Empower
Unlock New Mount Seat of Fortune via Wheel of Fortune
Win New Relic Essence of Blood in Angel’s Treasure
Update: V4.2.0 Improved X-Server Hero League and New items
Update: V4.1.0 More PvE Floors and other improvements
Update: V4.0.2 Bug fixes and performing improvements



    1. League of Angels Trailer

      League of Angels Trailer

    2. Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

      Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

    3. Angels VS Dragons

      Angels VS Dragons

    1. Athena 1920-1080

      Athena 1920-1080

    2. Athena 1280-1024

      Athena 1280-1024

    3. Athena 1024-768

      Athena 1024-768

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