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Wheel of Fortune: Win the New Mount Night Falcon
Theresa: The Angel of Dragon
Win New Outfit in Angel’s Carnival!
Summon the Legendary+ Huxley
Update V3.18.0 Minor fixes bring better experiences
League of Angels III as Facebook Featured Game of the Week AGAIN!
New Year’s First Gift: 1 Point Day Available in Points Store
Tips for NEW Arena & Cycle Quests
Update V3.16.0: Remade Arena and Cycle Quests
Win Chain of Justice in Angel’s Treasure!



    1. League of Angels Trailer

      League of Angels Trailer

    2. Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

      Speed Up LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

    3. Angels VS Dragons

      Angels VS Dragons

    1. Haunting Eve

      Haunting Eve

    2. Bartoli


    3. Starry Summer

      Starry Summer

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