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Real matching

In Chess Hero, players will be divided into an appropriate level based on your own BR, and join in the battlefield with another two ONLINE players who have a similar BR with you.


Dig Treasures

Your prime task is digging Ores and take them back to your Basement. Killing Elite Blk Drgn and Elite Whelp to get extra Ores and talking to Janus to obtain various Potions.


Show Wisdom

It is important to balance your team with serval types of Heroes! Choose three appropriate ATK, DEF, SUP or HEAL Hero in your team is the key point to win the game.


Spear VS Shield

Use your most powerful team to beat your enemies, grab the minerals as many as you can, you will get massive rewards after you reach the Top of the Chess Hero X-server rank!


Snow Leopard

Living in the West and the coldest area in Neral Mountains, Snow Leopard always keep silent and are away from the battle. Being influenced by Dragon's power, they own the magic of using snow and ice. Snow Leopard shows its sharp teeth, attacking an enemy and dealing damage, roars to scare its enemies.


Astral Stag

Astral Stag was the best friends of Elves, lived in Fairy's coming for generations, Astral Stag was elegance and docile. It had the possibilities to transform into human body owing to the impacts of Devastation of Azjora energy.


Two-Tailed Fox

Living in Megaforest, Two-Tailed Fox mutated owing to the energy leakage of Elves magic. Because of this, Two-Tailed Fox could create grasslands and trees. Two-Tailed Fox was gentle and forbear from others and absolutely obedient to their master.


Feathered Phoenix

Feathered Phoenix, a mythical bird that dwells in the highest realms. When Feathered Phoenix didn’t have the ability to be reborn and immortal, they were captured by Angelic Sect for experiments. As a result of the injection of Potion of Origin, Feathered Phoenix were changed. They became very timid, defensive and easy frightened. They will subconsciously set up a magic barrier for themselves and his master.


Marsh Crawler

Marsh Crawler, A kind of lizard lived in the area of the swamp in Highwind Plateau. A depraved product of the ancient Dragon. Despised by Dragon families, even butchered by Dragon families owing to its symbol of deprivation. They live cautiously and eager to survive.


Coming Soon

To be continued.

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