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V6.15.0 Icons Collapse, extended Hero Empower

Feb 04, 2021

Update time: 2021-2-4

New Content

1. New feature: Icons Collapse

> Players can collapse some icons on main screen

2. Artifact + Companion: Winged lynx

3. Artifact Mount: Unicorn of Love

4. Mythic Title: Amora's Wish&Cupid's Blessing

5. Added Outfit Augment: Wicked Soul Battlegear

Game Improvements

1. Made some improvements for Warring States

> Registration phase will start on Feb.18

> Adjusted occupation chances from 5 to 8

> Count the output of land from every 1 hour to every 10 minutes

> Extended personal rewards from top 10 to top 45

> Players are required to use at least 10 occupation chances to get team rewards

> Other improvements

2. Extended the max Empower level of Artifact and above heroes to 20

3. Added lv.9 and lv.10 Normal&Elemental Gems

4. Added more goods in Wish shop

5. Added Blessing Stone IV to floor 30 in Blessing Realm  

6. Adjusted the duration of Guild boss to 16:00~21:00

7. Added hero rebirth for Valorium heroes

8. Fixed some known bugs

Note: Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game

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