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V6.14.0 Warring States, Remade Guild Boss, Elaine

Jan 20, 2021

Update time: 2021-1-21

New Content

1. New Feature: Warring States (Unlocked at lv.130)

>  Warring States is a Guild vs Guild mode based on time zones. This mode has 4 phases: registration, battle, results and off-season

> Players must work together to capture and hold territory against fierce rivals. Expand your dominion through strategy and cooperation, and claim ultimate victory for your guild 

2. Remade Guild Boss

> Players have 3 chances per day to challenge the World Boss

> Players will Earn points based on damage dealt and be ranked based on points and receive ranking rewards

3. Valorium DEF Hero: Elaine

4. Artifact Outfit: Legacy of Love

5. Artifact Wings: Dark Resolve - Ascended

6. Artifact Charm: A Rose's Name

Game Improvements

1. Improved Super Login rewards

2. Improved rewards in Activity Points Chest

3. Added Mythic+ Hero shards to Shard Shop

4. Allowed players to keep Bless and Augment when rebirthing heroes

5. Pop-up prompt for recruiting Heroes below Legendary+ quality can be closed in settings 

6. Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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