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V6.12.0 Elsa, New Year Countdown

Dec 21, 2020

Update time: 2020-12-22

New Content

1. Valorium ATK Hero: Elsa

2. Artifact Outfits: Prosperity Garb

3. Artifact Mount: Bottle of Gratitude - Awakened

4. Artifact+ Charm: Horn of Victory

5. Artifact+ Companion: Bull Wizard

6. Artifact Wings: Dark Resolve

7. Mythic Titles: Azure Dragon Saint&Vermilion Bird Emperor

Game Improvements

1. Added a new quest in Wish Shop

2. Added Deathspeaker Shard and Descendant of Malevolence shard to Luminaries Shop

3. Significantly improved super rewards in Super Login

4. Holy Crystal and Holy Feather can be smelt into Reforge Powder

5. Added New Year Countdown Event

> From Dec.23 to Dec.31st, meet certain requirement to claim rich diamonds on Jan.1st

6. Ranking info can be checked when World boss ends

7. Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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