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V5.38.0 Nethers Illusion, Inscription: Carving and Mount Awaken

Apr 20, 2020

Dear warriors, 

We will release V.5.38.0 on April 21st, the servers will disconnect at around 4:35 (EST), 1:35 (PST), 16:35 (HKT), 10:35 (EU) for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. Check below for more details.

New Content

1. New PVE feature: Nethers Illusion

> Unlocked at lv.120

> The Nethers Illusion will weaken the Angels and can only be explored under the protection of Armas. In Nethers Illusion, BR will mainly come from Armas, pass the Illusion Stages to obtain Dreamland essence and materials for improving Inscription: Carving. Nethers Illusion is reset at 12:00am daily and players will be pushed back by 10 levels from their highest level reached.

2. New system: Inscription: Carving

> Unlocked at lv.120

> Entrance: Divine Arma - Inscription: Carving

> Each Arma has its own Inscription Carving, which can be unlocked by spending special materials and grant lots of stats. When reaching certain requirements for the level of Inscription Carving, you can unlock Inscription: Resonance which can be unlocked by spending special materials and grant lots of stats.

3. New system: Mount Awaken

> After unlocking the Initial appearance of a certain Mount, you can use its awaken sigil to unlock its awaken appearance. Cultivate Awakened mounts to improve the stats of all allies and gain lots of BR

4. New Artifact Charm: Circlet of the Word 

5. New Mythic Wings: Infinite Beings

6. Added Outfits augment for Crystal Feathers and Deep Sea Encounter

7. New Mythic Outfits: Wicked Soul Battlegear

8. New Artifact Mount: Everlife Easter Egg - Awakened

 Game Improvements

1. Added Legendary and below Charm shards and Companion shards to Guild Aid

2. Doubled the length of Guild Announcement

3. Adjusted the Countdown time of Ancient Tasks from rewards claim time to event time

3. X-Server League improvements

> Added Fish of Dawning Sigil and its Awakened sigil, Seat of Fortune sigil and its Awakened sigil, Awakening Pill to League Shop

> Added Charm III EXP Sigil to League Shop and increased the purchase limits of Charm shards

4. Fixed some known bugs and translation errors

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