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Update V5.14.0

Aug 05, 2019

Dear warriors,

We will release V.5.14.0 on August 6th, the servers will disconnect at around 4:35 (EST), 1:35 (PST), 16:35 (HKT), 10:35 (EU) for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. Check below for more details.

New Contents 

1. New Companion: Raidra

> ATK type Mythic companion

> Attack all enemies,reduce their rages

2. New Feature: Companion Skins

> Unlocked at:Level 92

> Rules: Select a skin and tap Equip to equip it on a Companion. Companion skins have stats and traits. Stats will provide bonuses to all deployed heroes, but traits only provide bonuses to the current Companion.

> New skins are available for Flame Falcon, Marsh Crawler, Two-Tailed Fox and Lava Golem

Game Improvements

1. Improved the rewards of X-Server Hero League during the Anniversary 

> Double the rewards of Top 8 and above in Elimination 1

> Double all the rewards except the Wings and the Title in Ultimate Elimination

> Added Dominate the X-server Hero League Title to top 3 rewards

2. Improved the rewards in Arena Shop

> Weekly Rank Store

Added Omen Shard and Bartoli Shard;

Increased the number of Legendary Hero shards from 5 to 10;

Increased the number of Wing Adv. Stone from 50 to 150

> Materials 

Added Rei Shard, Huxley Shard, Big Stellar Stone and Starlight Stone IV

Increased the number of all materials from 1 to 2 except Elite Wing Adv. Stone

> Reward

Added abundant Rei Shard 

Added components of Eternal Mirror

Increased the number of Immortality Sword Shard from 10 to 30 and added Immortality Helmet Shard*30, Immortality Armor Shard*30, Immortality Belt Shard*30

3. Improved Assistant feature

> Added Trial Assistant unlocked at level 105

> Reduced the auto-close time of the simple battle window from 10 seconds to 3 seconds

> Added “Hide icons” option, you can hide the entrance of the feature in Assistant

> Now you can claim Weekly rewards automatically with Domain Assistant 


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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