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Update V5.10.0 Timezone servers, New Ranks in The Luminaries and more materials can be smelted

Jul 08, 2019

Dear warriors,

We will release V.5.10.0 on July 9th, the servers will disconnect at around 2:35 (EST), 23:35 (PST), 14:35 (HKT), 8:35 (EU) for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. Check below for more details.

New Contents 

1. Timezone servers

A timezone server includes all players on the same timezone

Adjust the matching range of Chess Hero from x-server to timezone server

2. Added new ranks in The Luminaries

Defend the Temple: Added Rank 6 and Rank 7

Attack the Shrine of the Moon: Added Rank 6 and Rank 7

3. Added festival ornaments in the main city

4. New Companion: Crystalis

The first ATK Mythic Companion

Attacks all enemies and reduces their ATK

5. New Title: Starry Glory

6. New Mount: Holy Seahorse

7. New Wings: Heaven’s Envoy

Game Improvements

1. Added more materials to smelting list

2. Added announcement when unlocking a new hero skin

3. Adjust the materials for Augmenting Outfits, it will require both permanent sigil and outfit essence

4. Moved icon of Nobility Privileges, Rewards Hall out Collapse list

5. Improved red dot prompt in Magic Circle


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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