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Mythic Support Hero: Athena

Apr 17, 2019

“I will dedicate my life to fight for the Angels and uphold order.“

Athena’s Story

Athena, the Mythic Support Hero was created by Asherah by Rite of Azjora. She symbolized the integrity of the Angels. It was her duty to protect the rules of Angels and maintain order. This meant that she always appeared fair and sensible to others. The Angels respected but also feared her for her duties, and kept their distance from her.

Athena's duty stopped her from showing personal feelings, but that does not mean she didn't have any. She felt lonely because her people kept their distance from her, so she asked Asherah to grant her a companion and Johanna was created.

Johanna, sister of Athena, did not believe that Asherah had fallen, so she left for the Grace Continent to look for her mother. During her journey, she fell in love with Daun Virion, Prince of the Black Dragons, and gave birth to Theresa, the Angel of Dragons. Veteran Angels soon found out about this, but Athena had to remain impartial out of duty. The battle between Moira and Fortuna had the entire Paramount shaken. Athena was very worried because she remembered what happened when Mara destroyed the Paramount. She sought out Glacia to look for ways to stop this conflict within the Angels.

Even though the Divine Inquisition Upheaval ended, the Angels' different views divided them even further. Factions led by Moira and Fortuna left Paramount. Athena remained to pick up the pieces.

“You have passed the Trial and the Divine Edge has recognized you. From here on, you are Athena. “

“The Divine Edge is the will of the Traveler, who gave you your name. You must understand your duty. “

Athena’s Skills

Powerful damage reduction and rage-recovery support

1. Divine Honor (Reduce Damage)

Creates a barrier with protective powers from the traveler. Blesses the ally with the lowest HP, reducing the target's damage taken by (10%) and increasing the target's defense by (40%) of Athena's DEF for 2 rounds. Also grants a random ally 20 rage while ignoring the upper rage limit of 100.

2. Dignified Judgment (Equal ATK and DEF)

The fairness and authority of the Head Judge of the Divine Inquisition is not to be questioned. When Athena is present, reduces damage taken by all allies by (25%) and increases damage dealt by back row allies by (25%).

3. Constellation Shield (Unique Skill + Group Buff)

An unspoken protects guards Johanna and her friends. Reduces damage taken by all allies by (25%) and increases their DEF by (50%) of Athena's DEF. If a front row ally hero is attacked, the hero behind the target gains (15) rage (10 if hero behind the target is main character) while ignoring the upper rage limit. Effects last for 2 rounds and can be triggered up to 3 times per round.

Athena will be available in recent operation events, please pay attention to our official website and social platforms for the updated news. Don’t miss the chance to get this new Powerful damage reduction and rage-recovery support Mythic Hero!

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