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Take the Martial Grandmaster Rei into Your Squad!

Apr 17, 2019

League of Angels III is thrilled to lift the veil of the five-star legendary hero the week before Thanksgiving. Introducing Rei, a martial grandmaster and a nimble-footed defensive hero who can deal his target with immense damage. All players will have a chance to summon him and obtain his shards through Featured Hero from November 13th to November 17th!Check below for more details about the martial legend!


“PIC   Featured Hero”

Rei is the martial grandmaster of the Dhyana clan, founder of the Labyrinth Froest and Pan’s master. When he was young, he ventured east to the Southeastern World of Sapphire where he studied martial arts in ancient countries. After returning to the Grace Continent, together with his own clan, he established the Labyrinth Forest where he cultivated eastern martial arts.

Thanks to his study in martial arts, Rei stands out among all the five-star legendary heroes. Rei has a chance to inflict Stun that disables the enemy’s movements and lasts 2 turns. His giant body acts like an adamantine barrier that generates a shield that will absorb the incoming damage for all allies. Rei’s special skill enables him to cast immense damage to all enemies and have a chance to stun enemies. Never underestimate the power of panda!

Rei’s skills

Vacuum Fist: Get close to a single target and deliver a rapid succession of hooks to deal (ATK *85%+40) damage, has a small chance to inflict Stun disabling the enemy’s movement and lasts 2 turns.

Adamantine Harden: Generates a shield that absorbs incoming damage for all allies. The shield absorbs damage equal to 10% of allies’ HP and lasts for 2 turns.

Unstoppable Assault: Attack all enemies, dealing (ATK *90%+50) damage. Also has a chance to stun enemies, rendering them unable to act for 2 turns. 

Level 4 Empower unlocked: There is a 15% chance to inflict Adamantine Harden on allies in the front row.

Level 8 Empower unlocked: There is a 15% chance to inflict Adamantine Harden on allies in the back row at the same time.

Can’t wait to take the martial grandmaster into your squad? This protection-control defender will be available in Featured Hero from Nov. 13th to Nov. 17th. You’d better act fast if you want to summon the five-star legendary hero and augment him to full stars! 

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