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S0 Testers Wanted

Apr 16, 2019

We are in need of game testers to join the League of Angels III test team! Your role as a tester will be to help us test new content and provide feedback and suggestions to make LOA3 a better game overall. After a test period has concluded, you will be given rewards for your time and assistance.


Over the age of 18

Play LOA3 for at least 3 hours a day

Enjoy LOA3 and is familiar with its features and gameplay

Responsible and can express yourself clearly


1. Test new content for LOA3 on the S0 Test Server to improve the quality of game content before official release.

2. While testing, you should regularly report bugs and provide feedback and suggestions.


You will receive in-game currency as reward for your work. 

Basic Test Rewards: 



Spirit StoneⅡ*50、

Bleesing StoneⅡ*5

Extra Rewards: These rewards are based on the severity of the reported issue after evaluation and verification.

General issue:Diamond*100(within 5)

Major issue:Diamond*150(within 3)

Urgent issue:Diamond*300(within 2)

To apply, please answer the following questions completely:

What is your server and in-game character name ? (For example. S100-Wendy)

Can you speak English?

In general, what times are you usually online? Please include your time-zone.

Send an email with your answers to:

Deadline: 2018-11-1 12:00 HKT time/0:00 EST time/5:00 EU time


1.Players who have been selected as a tester should log in on the official website or LOA3 on facebook platform.

Official website:


2.S0 will be reset once a testing period has concluded. As a tester, you can try new gameplay on S0 before anyone else at next test.

3.Old testers should apply again each time to get test rewards.

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