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The First Legendary Divine Arma of League of Angels III Unveiled!

Apr 16, 2019

When League of Angels III unveiled the Divine Arma System upon its release, it was well received by players. With extremely flexible combinations and rich skills, different Divine Armas have witnessed thousands of battles in game. In the latest update, Memory of Asherah, the first Legendary Divine Arma, will outshine all the previous Divine Armas and push the system to a whole new level. Check below for more details.

PIC Memory of Asherah

The key to defeating the Dragons lies in the Divine Armas watched over by twelve Divine Guardians spread over the Grace Continent. Asherah, the leader of the Angels and guardian of Divine Edge, has sent her beloved daughter Johanna to watch over one of the Divine Arma: Memory of Asherah. 

Memory of Asherah is a legendary Divine Arma that excels in healing its allies, just like its Divine Guardian Johanna did. Apart from healing its allies and recovering their HP, Memory of Asherah can convert a certain percent of the excess healing into a shield that absorbs incoming damage, which maximize the healing effect. Plus, with the help of Memory of Asherah, your heroes will be able to revive and cast their damage upon enemies again! 

Divine Arma Skill: 

Traveler’s Blessing: Heals the three allies with the lowest HP, recovering their HP by (ATK 64% + 1,200). Converts 25% of any excess healing into a shield that absorbs incoming damage, lasting for D turns.

Creator’s Calling: Clear (Lv.1) and blesses one ally. If the ally dies within 2 turns, they’ll come back to life with 35% HP and keep fighting for 3 turns. Each hero can only be revived up to 1 times.

Angelic Ward: Recovers all allies’HP by 90%+1,200. Converts 25% of any excess healing into a shield that absorbs incoming damage, lasting for 2 turns.

With the legendary Divine Arma and its Divine Arma added, the mass damage attacker in the squad will be able to relentlessly pierce the enemies’ and cause massive destruction. Do you want to deal even more damage to obliterate your enemies or increased Rage reduction to limit their attacks? The choice is yours!


From Sep. 20th to Sep. 23rd, players will be able to unlock the legendary Divine Arma by obtaining Memory of Asherah sigil and Meteor Shards II from Events in game. Additionally, you can also get the Memory of Asherah sigil from Elite Stage of Chapter 13 after Sep. 19th. Don’t miss out the chance to obtain the first legendary Divine Arma in League of Angels III! 

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