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Johanna: A Loving Mother and 5-star Legendary Hero!

Apr 16, 2019

I can’t bear losing my daughter,

It would mean losing my everything.

I can’t bear losing my life,

It would mean I could no longer protect my daughter.


Johanna is the Angel of Stars and youngest daughter of Asherah, leader of the Angels.

A descendant of the noble Angels family, she was forced to leave her homeworld to protect her beloved daughter, Theresa. Safeguarding her from any harm that may befall her from being too close, she now continues to watch over her in secret. 

As a legendary healer, Johanna protects and heals her allies with every part of her being. Starting from September 18th, Johanna will assist players in their endeavors during the Summer Festival

PIC Johanna

Love, Protection and Eternity

At first seeming no more than an ordinary woman, Johann is dressed in simple white and blue, with a serene and modest appearance. Through the unique design of her diamond-encrusted jewelry, she shows her deep, yet silent love for her homeland Sapphire. Looking closely, you’ll find around her waist are three golden elliptical medals emblazoned with the symbols of Love, Protection and Eternity. On the front side of her robe is the mark of her noble family. Her simple, yet elegant outfit is imbued with a natural versatility. 

The Devine Inquisition

During Johanna’s travels around the Grace Continent, she and Virion, the Black Dragon Prince, fell in love and gave birth to Theresa, a non-pure blood angel. Moira, Angel of the Apocalypse, became furious and immediately sent Alecta the executioner to bring back the mother and daughter to Paramount. Alecta imprisoned them in the Divine Inquisition’s maximum-security wing and began the preparations for their judgment.

A Marriage Between Races

The taboo of marriage between races among Angels is in place in fear of passing on impure bloodlines. It is tradition that only Angels of pure blood may receive Anunnaki’s blessing. Therefore, when Johanna, married Virion, the sworn enemy of the Angels, their union was bound to end in tragedy. Even after the Angels’ Divine Inquisition imprisoned and subjected her to round after round of interrogations, Johanna held to her choice.

“I hold no regrets granting Theresa the surname Virion.” This was the only thing Johanna said when being condemned by Moira, after which a heavy silence fell. This, of course, incited a mighty uproar among the Angels.


Since her birth, Theresa has been cast out by both the Angels and the Dragons, and has lived in exile ever since.

Johanna had to spend years trekking through the realm of Elfborne with Theresa despite the dangers that lurked there. While rescuing Theresa and Johanna, Pan, a close friend of Virion, gave Johanna a powerful bracelet as a lucky charm to keep her safe.

Johanna was once a free spirit who never knew what the future would bring. It was not until Theresa was in danger that she knew her daughter was everything to her, and that her future lied with protecting her.

Memory of Asherah

The key to defeating the Dragons lies in the Divine Armas watched over by twelve Divine Guardians spread over the Grace Continent. Asherah, the leader of the Angels and guardian of Divine Edge, has sent her beloved daughter Johanna to watch over one of the Divine Arma: Memory of Asherah. Although her daughter Johanna was expelled from her home, she could not personally denounce blame her daughter for pursuing her love. 

Memory of Asherah, the first legendary Divine Arma that adds a 20% bonus stats for its guardian, is about to be introduced to LoA3 during the annual Summer Festival! 

Johanna is making her entry into LoA3 during the annual Summer Festival in honor of all the amazing mothers in the world. 

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