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Announcement on Adjustments of Divine Armas and Heroes

Apr 16, 2019

Dear warriors,

Considering the balance in game, some Divine Armas and Heroes are changed in version V2.0.0 on July 24th. We are sorry that we failed to inform you of these changes ahead of time. 

Divine Armas and Heroes were proved to be stronger after the update, not the other way around. Heroes’ skills were enriched or changed to make the hero stronger or more balanced. Take Alucard as an example. After the adjustment, Alucard can deal 15% more damage to affected unit while he couldn’t before the update. All the Divine Armas are stronger than before, except Ray of Lugh which was overpowered for its kind. The damage rate of Glacia and Eulogy of Yesterday are now more balanced, and Stardust Splinter will cast 5 points less of Rage for the 2nd and 3rd skill.

Please check below the detailed comparisons between the original and the current skills of Divine Armas and Heroes.

PIC Skills of Divine Arma

PIC Skills of Heroes

Hope you have a great time in game!

The League of Angels III Team

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