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【New Angel Preview】The intertwining of darkness and light, the Angel of balance is about to arrive !

May 03, 2024

Dear warriors,

We will start the limited-time event [ULTIMATE HERO] on May 4, 2024, and warriors who join the event will be able to get the new hero—— Harmonia. Details are as follows:

Entrance: Click the "Events" icon at the top of the game interface.

Event duration: May 4, 2024 —— May 8 2024 (UTC)



Hero Introduction


"In the interweaving of light and darkness, she thrives, maintaining balance in all things. She is our Angel of Balance, soon to appear in our world."

Championing justice and peace, Harmonia is about to descend with her mysterious power. Her gaze is like the stars of the cosmos, her strength is comparable to that of Mother Earth. Her existence maintains the balance of this world. 

As a Support hero, she can provide various buffs to her teammates while also being able to transfer Buffs and control Rage!




Skills of Harmonia

Normal skill ——Balance of Power 



Normal Skill ——Harmony Blessing 


Special Skill ——Cosmic Reversal 



Event Rules

1. Each "Featured Hero" event has a Theme Hero. During the event period, players will have the opportunity to get Theme Hero Shards, as well as other heroes and their shards.

2. Players can draw for free once every day. The drawing time will reset at midnight every day.

3. Each draw can obtain 10 points. Accumulated points can be used to open a point box containing Theme Hero Shards.

4. The first diamond draw x1 every day can enjoy a half-price discount.

5. Every x5 draws, you will definitely get a general chest of the Theme Hero, from which you can select shards or augment sigils to claim.

6. After each event is over, the points will be reset.


Various discount packages are waiting for players, and players who meet certain conditions have the opportunity to get these packages!

To celebrate the return of the New/Event Preview, we have provided Redeem Codes for the warriorsThe effective time is after the event starts, please redeem in time.

Redeem Code: HarmoniaDDL5/8/2024


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.



[League of Angels III] Operations Team

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