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Update 11-10

Nov 09, 2021

We will release V6.33.0 on Nov 10, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.

V6.33.0 Shard Pavilion,Improved Grail Conquest

Update time: 2021-11-10

New feature

Shard Pavilion(unlocked at lv.105)

> Owned certain heroes to unlock their Star Power, Star Crystal can be used to increased the level of Star Power; Augmented Heroes to certain stars to unlock Star Chain, which can be empowered by costing hero shards when you reach the max lv. of Star Chain

New Content

1.Outfit Augment-Christmas Party(Artifact Outfit Essence required)

2.Artifact Mount: Dhyana Awakened

3.Hero Skin: Aunisi

4.Artifact Titles: Grail Raider,Grail Protector, Grail Master(obtained from Grail Conquest )

5.Artifact Mount: King of Beasts(obtained from Grail Conquest )

Game Improvements

1.Improved Grail Conquest

> The new season will start on Nov.11

> Improved the rewards of Grail Conquest

> Adjusted the points calculation

> Improved some display issues

> Battle details can be viewed in battle logs

2.Extended the max lv. of equipment empower to 8-0

3.Improved the outputs and rewards of wish shop

4.Improved super login rewards

5.Lowered the difficulty lv. of the floors after 160 in Nether Illusion

6.Main character can be Ascended to Valorium+ when meeting certain requirements

7.More items can be combined to advanced materials

8.Improved the amount of Starlight Stone IV in Arena shop from 2 to 5

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