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Update 0924

Sep 24, 2021

We will release V6.30.0 on Sep 24, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.

V6.30.0 Grail Conquest, Treasure Adventure, Terpsichore

Update time: 2021-9-24

New feature

1.Grail Conquest(unlocked at lv.150)

> New timezone-based PVP feature, players can deploy 3 teams and fight with the 3 teams of other players, win the battle to gain points and improve the ranking. Play Grail Conquest to obtain soul armor, charm and other advanced items.

> The first season will start in October, stay tuned!

2.Treasure Adventure(unlocked at lv.90)

> Players can play Treasure Adventure within the last 5 days of each month, complete the quests to claim Treasure-trove map fragments, which can be used to unlock Treasure and obtain lots of rewards.

New content

> Valorium+ Healer- Terpsichore

> Artifact + Soul Armor - Bright Moon

> Artifact + Wings - Light of Heaven and Earth - Ascended

> Artifact Titles: Enchanted Ghost & Holy Wizard

> Valorium Companion:Frost Drake

> Artifact Mount - Vibrant Phoenix

> Artifact Outfits:Elegy of the Phoenix

 Game Improvements

> Scaled down the model of characters in Nether wars

> Added a button for changing Armas in deployment

 More Benefits 

> Improved super login rewards

> Improved x-server league rewards

> Improved Apex Clash League rewards

> Improved single server hero league rewards

> Improved Sign-in rewards

> Adjusted the purchase limit of Creation Sketch Chest in Ebony Shop


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