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Update 0826

Aug 26, 2021

We will release V6.28.0 on Aug 26, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.

V6.28.0 Valorium Arma: Shadowspike

Update time:2021-8-26

New feature: Item Combine

> Low-quality materials in Inventory can be combined into High-quality materials

> The following items can be combined: Augment stone, Blessing stone, Soul Flask and Starstone

New Content

> Valorium Arma: Shadowspike

> Artifact + Soul Armor: Everlasting Love

> Artifact Wings: Light of Heaven and Earth

> Artifact Title: Royal Miracle & Legend of Beer

> Valorium Charm: Stone of Immortality

> Artifact + Mount: Shadow War Tiger - Awakened

> Artifact Outfit: Eastern Winds

Game Improvements

> Improved the ultimate skill effects of Sunniva

> Extended the max level of Companion Soul Order to 10

> Extended the max level of Outfit Augment to 10

> Fixed some known issues

More Benefits

> Significantly improved the rewards of Ancient Task and Ancient Treasures


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