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Preview The First Week Events of January

Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year Warriors! Let’s preview the events of the first week of January.

Event: Featured Hero - Elsa

Event Time: 3 January to 6 January

New Valorium Hero - Elsa has arrived at the League of Angels III. From 3 January to 6 January, you can join the Featured Hero and unlock this ATK Hero. She can offer debuffs and controls, then devours for burst damage.


Event: Angel's Treasure

Event Time: 3 January to 5 January

During the event time, players have the chance to obtain all Artifact Relic Components. Don't miss it!

Event: Angel's Fortune

Event Time: 6 January to 8 January

New Artifact Divine Arma - Scepter of the Dragon has launched! During the event time, players can unlock this powerful Arma. It brings ATK and Support, and its Guardian is Sylvia.


Event: Angel's Ark

Event Time: 7 January to 9 January

The new Mount - Bottle of Gratitude is coming! Don't be surprised, this wine bottle is a Mount! Ready to unlock it and show your difference?

Event: X-Server Roulette

Event Time: 9 January to 11 January

The new Charm - Horn of Victory has arrived! During the event time, unlock this charm that represents victory!

Event: Egg Cracker

Event Time: 10 January to 12 January

The cute and powerful Companion - Enchanted Candy is returning back! Don't miss it this time!

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