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Changes in this period of Angel Pass

Jun 17, 2019


Good news for our dear players! After the Version 5.5.0 update, we changed the rewards in Angel Pass. Two different Hero Skins were added to the rewards. In Noble Pass we added Bartoli skin and in Royal Pass was the Victoria Skin. More important, the Royal Pass is still on sale, only cost $38.8($50 before)! In this period of Angel Pass, the core rewards in three different Passes did not change. 

Basic Pass

 诞月之火衣服印记(3天)-女.png    3级宝石宝箱.png    柏妮思的思念印记.png    血腥之雨.png

Noble Pass

冰月礼服衣服印记(3天).png    沼泽龙蜥碎片.png    创世之魂.png    胜利女神碎片.png

Royal Pass

萨托斯的威仪衣服(14天)-女.png    angelpass称号.png    黎明黄昏印记.png    胜利女神碎片.png

Extra rewards:

Bartoli skin


Victoria Skin



Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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