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New Feature: Magic Circle

May 30, 2019


After the V5.4.1 update, we added the new feature: Magic Circle (Players over Lv.100). The Magic Circle is designed to enhance the battle attribute of Heroes and increase BR. 

>>What is in Magic Circle?

There are 10 Ranks in Magic Circle, each Rank has six energy slots, energize the energy slots to obtain bonus for the whole team.


After unlock the Rune, Runes will provide bonus to the Hero at the corresponding positions. Player can adjust the position of the Runes in the Socket Rune panel.


The Six different Runes can provide different bonus for Heros:

Assault Blade: ATK & Effect RES

Spring of Life: HP & Effect RES

Wall of Defense: DEF & Effect RES

Growth Rune: HP & Effect RES

Guard Rune: DEF & Effect RES

Damage Rune: ATK & Effect RES


>>Magic Circle cultivation

Players can use Energy Stone to energize each stats. When reach some certain points, players can unlock the different Runes with Energy Stone and Seal Stone.


The Magic Circle resources are in Event sales now! Come and join us to unlock the Magic Runes and boost your BR!

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