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Unlock Angel Pass,Win Unique Rewards

May 15, 2019

Join our battle, level up your Angel Pass, unlock your unique rewards


>>Angel Pass

Finish tasks in Angel Pass, the more you play, the more you get. Grab Angel Pass and return to the Grace Continent, where every level you gain level up your Angel Pass and unlock your exclusive rewards.

There are three different Angel Pass. Basic Pass (Free), Noble Pass (500 Topaz), Royal Pass ($49.9) 


>>Angel Pass Rewards

Earn over 52 unique rewards in Noble Pass and over 100 items with Royal Pass in just 14 Days!

Over 36 FREE rewards in Basic Pass :

Diamonds, Lv.3 Gem, Bartoli Shards, Memory of Asherah Sigil and Outfit.


3.png     3级宝石宝箱.png     血腥之雨.png     柏妮思的思念印记.png  

Nobel Pass:

Holiday Vestments Outfits, Marsh Crawler, Soul of Creation, Victoria Shards

Legendary+ Hero shards& resources, Divine Arma Sigil& resources, Relic Components& resources, Equipment resources.


冰月礼服衣服印记(3天).png     沼泽龙蜥碎片.png     创世之魂.png     胜利女神碎片.png

Royal Pass:

A Rare title, Outfits, Dawn and Dusk Sigil, Victoria Shards, Advanced Resources (Hero, Divine Arma, Relic& Equipment).


angelpass称号.png     萨托斯的威仪衣服(14天)-女.png     黎明黄昏印记.png     胜利女神碎片.png     

Angel Pass FAQ

How do I buy the Angel Pass?

The Angel Pass can only be unlocked in LoAIII game. Players over Level 70 can directly unlock Basic Pass for free. The Nobel Pass can be unlocked with Topaz, and Royal Pass can be activated by US dollar. Purchase cost will be added to VIP EXP, but will not unlock and Recharge rewards.

What is the valid time of the Angel Pass?

All types of the Angel Pass are valid for 14 Days. Players can purchase the Angel Pass any time from the 1st of the month to 28th of the month. Every 29th to 31st of the month, the purchase of the Angel Pass will close and reopen at the First day of next month. 

What happens if I buy my Angel Pass late in the month?

Your Angel Pass’s level will start at Lv.1 no matter when you buy the Angel Pass. 

How do I level up my Angel Pass?

Players can finish the tasks in Angel Pass and win the Angel Pass points, and players can purchase the Angel Pass points directly to level up the Angel Pass. 

Can I keep leveling my Angel Pass after the Angel Pass valid time end?

No, your Angel Pass level and rewards will be reset at every 15th of the month or 1st of next month. Pay attention to the valid time and the Angel Pass reset time.

For example: Player who unlocks the Nobel Pass at 13th of the month, this player just has 2 Days to finish the tasks and claim (Angel Pass will be reset at 15th of the month). If player unlock Royal Pass at 1st of the month, and this player will have 15 Days to finish the tasks and claim the rewards.

If I buy the Royal Pass, can I also get free Basic Pass?

You can keep three different Angel Pass at same time if you both purchase Nobel Pass and Royal Pass. 


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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