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servers update0729

Jul 29, 2021

We will release V6.26.0 3on July 29, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.
V6.26.0 3-Year Anniversary,Sunniva
Update time:2021-7-29

3-Year Anniversary
> Duration: From August 1st to August 30th
> Feature introduction:
   Sign-in Gifts - Sign in to claim rich rewards, sign in for 20 days to obtain Golden Feathers Sigil -   Body (Permanent)
   Career History - Complete tasks to claim rich rewards
   Discount Shop - Purchase lots of game items at discount
   Topaz Gift - Meet recharge requirements to claim rich rewards
   Dominator - Salute players to obtain Anniversary Gifts

New Content
> New feature: Soul Armor Gallery & Rebirth
> Valorium+ Hero: Sunniva
> Artifact + Soul Armor:Daybreak Eagle
> Artifact + Wings: Black Dragon's Curse - Ascended
> Artifact Titles: Anniversary King, Dream of Eclipse, Disciple of the Moon
> Valorium Companion: Nether Shade
> Artifact Mount: Shadow War Tiger
> Artifact Outfits: Lionheart & Golden Feathers(Anniversary Exclusive )

Game Improvements
> Increased the max stack amount of some items in inventory to 99999
> Extended the difficulty level of World Boss and added new level rewards

More Benefits  
> Improved the rewards for Desktop App Pass
> Improved Guild War ranking rewards
> Unlocked Summer Season X-Server Hero League


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