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Update 0615

Jun 15, 2021

We will release V6.23.0 on June 15th, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.
V6.23.0 New Operation Event: Angel’s Tower
Update time: 2021-6-15
New Operation Event
Players will build Angel’s Tower together and get a reward for each level built, you have a chance to win the newest Soul Armor
The 1st Angel’s Tower Event will start on June 16, stay tuned
New Content
> Artifact + Soul Armor: Starfall Pillar
> Added Outfit Augment: Valerie's Brilliance
> Artifact Mount: Shadow of Galandel - Awakened
Game Improvements
> Added Stage 31~35 to Heavenly Treasures, amd when all normal stages have been cleared, players can play the Cycle stage
> Extended the max level of Angel's Mercenary Crew to lv.35
More Benefits
> Significantly improved the ranking rewards and team rewards in Warring States
> Added more Mythic companion shards and some Artifact companion shards to Luminaries Shop
> Added more Hero shards, Companion shards and Charm shards to the donation list of Guild Aid


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