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First Artifact+ ATK Hero - Hela is coming

Oct 03, 2020

The first Artifact+ ATK Hero - Hela is coming from 4 October to 7 October. Hela has the power to restore rage on heals, places debuffs and deals damage.


Event Time: 4 October to 7 October

Entrance: Featured Hero Hela

Hela was born from the negative emotions of Anunnaki, the ten gods and the Angels, in an accident when the gods created the Angels.

Most Angels do not like Hela, who is weak and timid. To prove herself, she joined the war between the Angels and the Titans.

During the war, she was corrupted and eventually succumbed to Hatfield's dark powers, leading her to leave Elysia. When she arrived at Highwind Plateau, she mesmerized many of the dragons there with her powers and learned the draconian secrets.



Three skills of Hela:

>Nightstrike: attacks a row of enemies, dealing damage. Ignores 30% damage reduction on the targets.


>Dragon Arcana: for every 20% of HP lost, purify all debuffs that are Lv.3 and under on self. Also increases ATK and damage by 15% and Crit by 5%. Stacks up to 4 times and lasts 2 rounds.


>Bloody Midnight: deals to all enemies while ignoring 30% damage reduction. Also weakens them for 30% for 2 rounds. The more targets there are, the higher the damage is Also increases damage dealt by all allies by 20% for 2 rounds. Deals 30% additional damage to targets that have higher HP than you. If your ATK is lower than the target’s, then reduce the target’s ATK by 20% for 2 rounds.


Event rules:

1. There is one Theme Hero for each “Featured Hero” event. Players will have the chance to obtain the Hero Hela shards during the event, as well as other heroes and their shards.


2. Players can draw 1 time FOR FREE every day. Draw times will reset at midnight every day. 

3. Each draw will grant 10 points. The accumulated points can be used to open Points Chests which contain the Hela Hero Shards.

4. First Drawing x1 using Diamonds each day will get half price off.

5. Drawing 5 times will guarantee Theme Hero Shards, i.e. Hela shards.

6. The points will be reset after each event.

Various Discount Packs are waiting for players, players have the chance to obtain these packs when they meet certain requirements!


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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