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Update V3.13.0: New Hero Isolde

12:31 Dec 10, 2018

Roll on the holiday season! In V3.13.0, the League of Angels III team have been busy preparing for the annual Winter Festival in Grace Continent. A new Hero Isolde, the founder of Frost Kingdom, will make her way to the Temple and Hero Backstory, and will be available to all players during the Winter Festival. A special outfit, Holiday Vestments, and a powerful mount, Winter Sleigh, will light up your journey in League of Angels III this December.
In addition, a new feature EXP Pool, which unlocks at level 150, will enable players to store their excess EXP and upgrade their heroes using that EXP.
Some UI optimizations will also help smooth out your adventure in Grace Continent!
The servers will disconnect at around 8:40 A.M. December 11th (EST) for the update. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details.

Date: December 11th
Version: V3.13.0

Estimated Update Time (Server Time):
PST Servers: 5:40 P.M. Dec 11th
EST Servers: 8:40 A.M. Dec 11th
EU Servers: 2:40 P.M. Dec 11th
HKT Servers: 9:40 P.M. Dec 11th

New Hero:
Isolde is added in Hero Backstory. Her backstory will be unlocked a few days before Isolde is available in events during the Winter Festival.

New Outfit:
Holiday Vestments

New Mount:
Winter Sleigh

New Feature:
EXP Pool
Unlocks at level 150. An excess of your EXP will be stored in EXP Pool. You can use it to upgrade your heroes.

1.Added Edith to Elite Recruit and Shard Shop.
2.Optimized the UI of Hero Empower, Direct shop and Arma Empower.
3.The last-login time of your friends will be displayed to help you clear inactive friends.
4.Stamina will be displayed in Stages.
5.The list of your enemies in Mine Wars will be cleared after 3 days.
6.Adjusted the Bond of Huxley, Johanna and Wendy.
7.Added new loading pictures for the coming Winter Festival.

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