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Update V3.9.0: New Feature Mystic Domain

11:56 Nov 12, 2018

Are you ready to face off the challenges? League of Angels III’s latest update V 3.9.0 introduces a brand new PvE feature MYSTIC DOMAIN and a new way to release the power of Divine Arma---Divine Arma EMPOWER. Players will be able to challenge different bosses in Mystic Domain (unlocks at level 100) and obtain special materials that can be used to empower the Divine Armas and gain lots of stats. Plus, Level 6 Gems can be combined by using level 5 gems and a new material named Gem Combine Scroll. In addition, the red dot tip in [Title] and the “Warning” sign in [Tree of Origin] are optimized so that it will no longer repeatedly show up.
The update will cause a disconnection between 6 A.M. and 7 A.M. November 13th (EST). Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details.

Update Time: November 13th
New Version: V 3.9.0

Estimated Update Time:
PST Servers: 3 A.M.--4  A.M. November 13th (server time)
EST Servers: 6 A.M.--7  A.M. November 13th (server time)
EU  Servers: 0 P.M --1  P.M. November 13th (server time)
HKT Servers: 6 P.M.--7  P.M. November 13th (server time)

New Feature:
1.Mystic Domain
The brand new PVE dungeon where players can challenges different bosses and obtain Divine Arma Empower materials.
2.Divine Arma Empower
Reach level 100 to unlock Divine Arma Empower and gain a great many stats!

1.Added [Omen] shard into Guild Aid.
2.Raised the highest level of [Combine Gems] to level 6. Apart from the level 5 gems, Gem Combine Scroll is required when combining level 6 gems.
3.Optimized the Simple Battle mode. The player's latest choice of the battle mode will be saved.
4.Optimized the red dot notice of the [Title]. If a title is activated, the red dot will no longer show up when players get the item of this title repeatedly.
5.Optimized the [Warning] sign of [Tree of Origin]. The warning sign will only show up once each time players log in.

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