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Update V3.7.0: New Outfit Crimson Masquerade

10:18 Oct 29, 2018

Get ready for a chilling adventure in League of Angels III this Hauting Eve! Join us in the celebration of Halloween and dress up the gorgeous outfit Crimson Masquerade.
The update will cause a disconnection between 6 A.M. and 7 A.M. October 30th (EST). Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details.

Update Time: October 30th
New Version: V 3.7.0

Estimated Update Time:
PST Servers: 3 A.M.--4  A.M. October 30th (server time)
EST Servers: 6 A.M.--7  A.M. October 30th (server time)
EU  Servers: 0 P.M --1  P.M. October 30th (server time)
HKT Servers: 6 P.M.--7  P.M. October 30th (server time)

New Outfits:
Crimson Masquerade
People dress up as vampires and witches during the Hauting Eve.

1.Lowered the difficulty of Chapter 1-5 Elte stages.
2.Adjusted the output of Chapter 1-15 Elite stage chests. For most chests, there will be more Hero Shards or Divine Arma Sigils.
3.Adjusted the output of Chapter 1-15 Elite stages. The hero shard that dropped from certain stages will be changed to another hero,and heroes shards will drop randomly from stages that didn't produce hero shards before.
4.Added Equipment Set Effect for 2 pieces of Legendary equipments (level 100 and above).
5.Unlocked the Bond of [Omen].
6.Optimised the [How to obtain] information of the equipment shards from [Tree of Origin].
7.Optimised the presentation of Elite Stage Chests Output.

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