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Update V3.5.0: New DEF Hero Edith

10:52 Oct 15, 2018

It's time to put on Jack's Helmet and get ready for Halloween party! A new suit "Fire Dragon" , which can be obtained after players unlock "Marquis" in Nobility, will be added in the latest update. A new Legendary hero, which is known as the shield of Everlast, debuts in game and will be available soon in events. In addition, Legendary+ hero shards and new Legendary equipment shards are added into Guild Aid.
The update will cause a disconnection between 9 A.M. and 11 A.M. October 16th (EST). Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details.

Update Time: October 16th
New Version: V 3.5.0

Estimated Update Time:
PST Servers: 6 A.M.--8  A.M. October 16th (server time)
EST Servers: 9 A.M.--11 A.M. October 16th (server time)
EU  Servers: 3 P.M --5  P.M. October 16th (server time)
HKT Servers: 9 P.M.--11 P.M. October 16th (server time)

New Hero:
A Lengendary DEF hero who will protect the ally behind her.Known for her outstanding military achievements, Edith is well known as the shield of Everlast, while Katrina is the spear.

New Outfit:
1.Jack's Helmet
Get ready for Halloween!
2.Fire Dragon Armor and Fire Dragon Helmet
The outfit can be obtained after players unlock Marquis in Nobility.

1.Added new Nobility level: Earl 8-9 and Marquis 0-5.
2.Added Toril's Manual to Conquest's Dragon Treasure-Troves.
3.Added Legendary+ Hero Shards into Guild Aid. Players can make a wish of 1 shard each time.
4.Added Angelic Equipments Shards, Nightmare Equipments Shards, Frosty Equipments Shards into Guild Aid. Players can make a wish of 4 shards each time. Guild mate can donate 2 shards each time.
5.Added refresh function to Gold Leaf Shop.
6.Added new chapter 30.
7.Optimized the notification of Scratch-Off.
8.Gold Leaf Shop will be available for players who are level 70 and above instead of the previous level 30+.
9.To purchase Memory of Asherah Sigil, players will need to complete Elite Chapter 13 (regardless of the chapter stars).

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