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Update V2.5.0: Improvements and Bug Fixes on August 28th

08:26 Aug 27, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update which will cause a disconnection on August 28th. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details!

Update Time: August 28th
New Version: V 2.5.0

Estimated Update Time:
EST Servers: 9 A.M.--11 A.M. August 28th (server time)
EU  Servers: 3 P.M --5  P.M. August 28th (server time)
HKT Servers: 9 P.M.--11 P.M. August 28th (server time)

New PVE Feature:
Wailing Gate
Players will be able to challenge two different bosses at regular intervals.

1.Players will be able to change their nickname. A free chance will be available at level 40 for new players. Players can also purchase the chance in store. We will send a free name changing card to old players above level 40 after the update.
2.In [Hero League], if the battle lasts to the rounds limit, the player who dealt the most damage will be the winner.
3.Raised Divine Arma awaken level limit to 10.
4.Optimized the [Mine War] revenge notice window.
5.Optimized [Gold Leaf Treasury] UI and tips.
6.Add max option to [Assistant] and it will show the purchase attemps left.
7.Added new chapter 25.
8.System messages will be organized into a separated panel. Several guild related messages will be moved to guild channel.

Bug Fixes:
1.Fixed a bug that the game may freeze after the [Assistant] battle. It will wait 5 seconds before moving to the next battle.
2.Fixed the bug that few players may receive several time-limited title notice mails.

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