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Update V2.3.0: Multi-language Edition Available on August 14th

08:57 Aug 13, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update which will cause a disconnection between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M. August 14th (EST).
While the LoA3 development team has been focused on improving and expanding existing content since the game's Open Beta,the localization team has been working to bring the games to more fans. The game will officially release on August 14th with German, French, Spanish and Portuguese available. The first Oceanic server will be online at 11 A.M. August 14th (UTC+8). Come and check them out!

Update Time: August 14th(EST)
New Version: V 2.3.0

Multi-language Edition:
Multi-language edition is available now. Player can now alter to German, French, Spanish and Portuguese in game.

1.In PVP features, player with higher BR will strike first.
2.Added new Progression quests up to level 170.
3.Added new Activity quest of Castle Raiders.
4.Added new chapter 23.
5.Optimized Activity quest [Mine Wars]: occupying a mine will be also counted.
6.Optimized Constellation to show the new feature unlocking level.
7.Optimized the UI of VIP feature.
8.Raised Conquest level up to 12.
9.Raised VIP Right of Souls Conversion.
10.When you visit a shop, there will be tabs on left side so you can switch to other shops easily.
11.When visiting Trial, players will be led to the highest floor correctly.
12.Sacred Amber will be available in Conquest shop.

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