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Update V2.2.0: New Feature Castle Raiders Added on August 8th

08:06 Aug 07, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update which will cause a disconnection between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M. August 8th (EST). A new PvE feature "Castle Raiders" and a new "Hero Empower" system  are added, which will greatly enrich the current gameplays. Plus, hero Victor's skills and the difficulty of Elite Stages are adjusted. Come and check them out!

Update Time: August 8th(EST)
New Version: V 2.2.0

New Feature:
1.Castle Raiders

2.Hero Empower

Battle for Hero Empower resources in the new PvE feature Castle Raider

New Relic:
Eternal Death

1.Added new chapter 22.
2.There will be only one recommended opponent in Arena each time.
3.Adjusted the difficulty of Elite Stages.
The Elite Stages will be more challenging than they were. Along with the Elite Stage adjustment, the Elite Stage Chest will drop more rewards. We are sorry that we didn't make it right at the first place. Compensation will be sent out after the update.
4.Adjusted the special skill of Victor, Gloria, Skoll, Agnoto, Maxwell, Caelia, Vera, Huxley and Wendy for balance improvement. Compensation will be sent out after the update based on Hero Augment Stars (at least one star) on 7th August.
Special Skill of Victor: reduce the healing effect of enemy by 100%->40%
Special Skill of Gloria: increase ATK by 25%(55% maximally)->12%(22% maximally)
Passive Skill of Skoll: increase ATK by 15%(60% maximally)->10%(20% maximally)
Passive Skill of Agnoto: bleeding effect by 8%(26% maximally)->5%(10% maximally)
Special Skill of Maxwell: reduce damage by 20%(30% maximally)->10%(20% maximally)
                          increase ATK by 10%(20% maximally)->5%(10% maximally)
Special Skill of Caelia: increase ATK by 10%(28% maximally)->5%(14% maximally)
Special Skill of Vera: return HP by 25%(40% maximally)->10%(20% maximally)
Special Skill of Huxley: extra damage by 10%(100% maximally)->20%(50% maximally)

Normal Skill of Wendy: increase ATK & CRIT by 20%(40% maximally)->10%(20% maximally)

Your compensations for Hero Balance are decided by the Augment status before the Update of the 9 overpowered heroes.
For 4-star Legendary Hero, you will get Legendary Soul*500(Augment to 1 star), Legendary Soul*1000(Augment to 2 stars), Legendary Soul*1500(Augment to 3 stars),  Legendary Soul*2500(Augment to 4 stars)
For 5-star Legendary Hero, you will get Legendary Soul*800(Augment to 1 star), Legendary Soul*1800(Augment to 2 stars), Legendary Soul*2800(Augment to 3 stars),  Legendary Soul*3800(Augment to 4 stars), Legendary Soul*4800(Augment to 5 stars)

5.Raised Constellation level to lvl.170.
6.Optimised Rest EXP function.

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