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Update V2.1.0: Improvements on August 1st

07:39 Jul 31, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update tomorrow which will cause a disconnection between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M.EST. A new Hero League Point mechanism that allows players to get different points under different circumstances is introduced. The outputs of different features are raised, and new levels are added in Main Character Trial.Open golden chests or lvl.7 or above in Conquest will randomly obtain Sacred Amber. Characters' level can be upgraded from Lvl. 150 to Lvl. 170 with new exp circle quest added.Come and check them out!

Update Time: August 1st(EST)
New Version: V 2.1.0

1.Introduced the new Hero League Point Mechanism.
1) Opponent BR>Your all-time highest BR(<=3 rounds): 120 Points
2) Opponent BR>Your all-time highest BR(>3 rounds): 110 Points
3) Opponent BR<Your all-time highest BR(<=3 rounds): 115 Points
4) Opponent BR<Your all-time highest BR(>3 rounds): 105 Points
2.Raised the output of items from different features.
1) Raised Bravery Medal output from Arena.
2) Raised EXP Scroll II output from Hero Trial.
3) Raised EXP Scroll II output from World Boss Accumulated DMG 7th~10th reward.
3.Raised Conquest level to lvl 10. Open the golden chest of lv.7 or above in Conquest will randomly obtain Sacred Amber (which can be used to greatly raise relic attributes).
4.Added two new level of Main Character Trial.
5.Added Chapter 21.
6.Raised main character level to 170 with new exp circle quest and rest exp function.
7.Adjusted the description of 1st day goal from "recruit heroes" to "own heroes".
8.Added 14 days time limit description into tips of Wing of Blood Sigil and Hero League Title.
9.Raised the stack limit of some materials in Inventory.
10.Optimized the formation graphics.
11.Added notifications for unlocking auto-fighting and acceleration.

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