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Update V2.0.0: New Feature Hero League Available on July 24th

07:03 Jul 23, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update which will cause a disconnection at 8 A.M.EST. Sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused. Check below for more details.

Update Time: 8 A.M. July 24th(EST)
New Version: V 2.0.0

New Feature:
1.Hero League
The first season of Hero League will open on July 24th after the version update. Are you well prepared?

2.Added achievement for Hero League.

3.Added 7-day goals of the 2nd week of a server. Due to coding mechanism, some newly added goals may not be available to complete in S11 & S12. Compensation will be sent out later. (Unavailable: Goals that need players to take actions. Available: Goals that check players' status. )

1.Raised the dropping amount if players get Hero Shards from Recruitment Scroll II; players won't get only 1 shard anymore. (Except for Legendary 5-star Heroes)
2.Reduced the price of 10 times Elite Recruitment from 3000 to 2700.

3.Raised the attributes of Fireblaze Unicorn, Stormbringer Chimera, Wings of Black Flame and Wings of Mystery.

4.Considering the balance in game, some Divine Armas and Heroes are changed including Stardust Splinter, Ray of Lugh, Glacia, Eulogy to Yesterday, Darion, Alucard, Thane, Sheila, Lydia, Abaddon Freeman, Rei, Wendy, Joanna, Hope, Natasha, Dacket, Agnoto, Razga, Alecta, Amora, Atrios, Marcus, Pan, Maxwell, A'ishah, Caelia, Helena, Isolde.

5.Raised hero exp output from side quests and the battle in main cities.
6.Added a function that allows players battle with each other.
7.Added battle result recording function in [Tree of Origin].
8.Optimized game loading pages.
9.Optimized the order of guild chests claiming record.
10.In [Settings], players can choose not to show all advance windows.
11.A notice mail will be sent when players made a purchase.

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