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Update V1.5.0: Improvements on June 19

06:39 Jun 19, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update today which will cause a disconnection at 5:00 A.M. EST. Sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused. Check below for more details.

Update Time: 5 A.M. June 19th (EST)
New Version: V1.5.0

1.Reduced the daily purchase limit of Mount/Wing Adv. Stone in Shop from 200 to 50.
2.Raised the resources retrieval rate of Gold and EXP Scrolls.
3.Added Chapter 17 & 18.
4.Optimized the guiding of stages.
5.Added [Recruit] button in Temple.
6.Added a [Enhance] button to equipments on Hero page.
7.Added animation of Black Dragon.

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