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Update V1.2.0: Improvements on June 1st

06:27 Jun 01, 2018

Dear players, we'll have a version update today which will cause you a disconnection at 4 A.M.June 1st. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have cuased. Check below for more details.

New Version: V1.2.0
Update Time: 4 A.M.June 1st (EST)

1. Added tips of Heroes and Divine Armas in Stages.
2. Decreased the exchange price of [Soul Flask I] from 900 to 225 guild contribution in Guild Shop.
3. Enhanced the skills of several heroes.
4. Added refreshing notice while loading timeout.

We are sorry for this price change, the excess cost will be return to players who made the according exchange around next Monday(June 4th).

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