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Divina Arma & Relics

04:36 Apr 27, 2018

[Divine Arma]

Divina arma are special items for the main character. Different items let the main character carry different skills when deployed.

Currently, you can unlock Glory of Freeman and Splinter of Stardust from the main quests.

Glory of Freeman: Grants the main character the ability to slice through units and gives the team a shield that absorbs damage.

Splinter of Stardust:Grants the main character a strong heal support and strengthens team attacks.

You can mix and match different divina arma based on your formations so your main character's skills complement your heroes' skills, resulting in more powerful effects.

[Divina Arma Cultivation]

1.  Arma Evolution
Players can obtain arma evolution materials in the Clairvoyance Realm or by purchasing them in the Store. After the player awakens and upgrades a divina arma, it will add bonus attributes to the deployed heroes.

2.  Arma Skills
Players can obtain skill books in the Hero Realm or by purchasing them in the Store that can be used to upgrade the corresponding skills.


A character’s attributes will significantly improve while wearing relics.

[How to Play]
1.Each relic consists of several components. The more components, the better the quality.
2.Once all its components are activated, a relic can be activated. By activating a relic, you may receive bonus attributes and special relic trait skills.
3.A relic’s attributes are determined by all of its components’ attributes. A relic will add bonus attributes to the entire deployed formation attributes.
4.After it is activated, you can advance the relic to upgrade relic trait skill levels. Additionally, relic advancement is limited by component advancement limits.
5.Specific advancement levels will activate stage bonus attributes for extra bonus attributes.

A brief description of the relics below:
1.Shield of Honor: Defensive Absorbs team damage.
2.Moonlight Lyre: Healing Partially restores the HP for front row units at each turn.
3.Unyielding Soul: Defensive Increases DEF of back row against attacks.
4.Prophecy Machine: Offensive Team attacks have a chance to Mark (increase damage on targets)
5.Icy Crown: Offensive When a battle begins, back row ATK is increased.

Please note that the above content will be adjusted according to the development plan. Final update will be determined in game.

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