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04:37 Apr 27, 2018

In the Land of Angels, souls of heroes breathe eternally in the flames of war.

In the game, warriors recruit and enter into alliances with other heroes in the Land of Angels. They create powerful formations in an effort to resist enemies together.

For every 10 elite recruitments via Elite Scrolls or Topaz, you will receive an orange hero. You will receive a free recruitment after a period of time.

You may also receive hero fragments when recruiting. After obtaining the required number of fragments and combining them, you may recruit your desired hero.

Each hero likely has: 1 normal attack skill + 1 strong attack skill + 1 unique skill, or 1 normal attack skill + 1 unique skill + 1 passive skill.

Heroes have different focuses, and are mainly divided into Defense, Attack, Heal, and Support types.

Next, we will briefly introduce some typical heroes from among these types.

Defense Hero: Augustine

Normal Attack Skill: Weighted Strike
Cleave the claymore with all your might. Deal (ATK* A% +B) damage.
Defense: Impenetrable Defense
Summon all your strength to continuously attack one enemy with a triple sword attack dealing (C % +D) damage. Also grants you a shield that absorbs damage equivalent to E % of your HP, last F turns.
Unique Skill: Saintly Judgement
Swear an oath upon your blade to increase both DEF and Resilience of front coloum companions by G % for H turns.

Attack Hero: Katrina

Normal Attack Skill: Flower of the Empire
A blurry attack capable of blinding the enemy at the same time. Deal (A% + B) damage to a single enemy enemy.
Strong Attack Skill: Bursting Rose
A hail of flowers as violent and swift as a tempest. Can ony be learned by those who have honed their speed with the blade to perfection. Attack a single target, dealing (ATK *C% + D) damage. Crits will deal an additional E % damage.
Unique Skill: Sanguine Rose
Unite the assasssination art of shadow melding with swift strikes to attack all enemies. This most terrifying of sword skills deals (F % +G) damage.

Healing Hero: Flora

Normal Attack Skill: Butterfly Dance
Summon a butterfly flower to attack an enemy. Deals (A% +B) damage to a single enemy target.
Unique Skill: Loinging for Lily of the Valley
The fragrance of Lily of the Valley heals (ATK* C% +D) HP for your two most wounded companions, and deispels all negative effects.
Passive Skill: Woodbine Vine

Summon Woodbine Vines to cover your body. Increase your DEF by E% after being attacked. This effect can stack a maximum of F times. This effect lasts G turns.

Support Hero: Lydia

Normal Attack Skill: Dragon Charge
  The Silver Dragons' command over the wind morphs the currents into a dragon, attacking a single enemy and dealing (ATK* A%+B) damage. Under extreme circumstances it can freeze the target, rendering it unable to attack for C turns.
Unique Skill: Protection of the Silver Dragon
A support ability only Silver Dragons of royal descent can wield which increases both the ATK and DEF of friendly units by D % for E turns.
Passive Skill: Magic Scale of Winds
The protection of the Silver Dragon makes it able to avoid mortal strikes. If an attack would deal more than F % of maximum HP as damage, damage dealt is reduced by G %.

After mixing and matching your heroes, cultivate your heroes via the various modes to improve their BR.

Level Up: Spend EXP Scrolls to level up heroes and significantly improve hero attributes. Please note that a hero’s level cannot exceed the main character’s level, and the main character cannot gain experience from EXP Scrolls.
Advancement: Spend Soul Flasks to level up a hero’s advancement and attributes. A random attribute (HP, ATK or DEF) will also be increased each time advancement raises EXP. When an attribute has reached its limit, the other attributes that have not reached their limits will be randomly increased. Reaching a specific advancement level will activate stage bonus attributes, which increases the overall percentage of HP, ATK and DEF attributes gained through advancement.
Hero skills: Spend Skill Books and gold to level up a skill.

Please note that the above content will be adjusted according to the development plan. Final update will be determined in game.


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