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Formation Guide from FreeLotus (S1)

08:08 Aug 24, 2018

This guide will cover several aspects regarding formation that can be used in both PVE and PVP.

1) Formation Attack Order
In the screenshot below we can see the specific attack order that each hero takes. This attack order does not change and is reliant on where the hero is placed. The only difference being is whether you initiate the fight or your opponent does (example: in PVP you select an opponent you go first; if you are attacked your opponent goes first).

Why does this matter?
Using the screenshot above as an example, you can see I have placed heroes in a specific order in accordance to the strategy I deploy. First, I have Lydia (support/buff). She will give the entire team a buff that will make their attacks stronger. Second, I have the main character in which they will provide healing and more buffs to the team. Next the back row, I have A'ishah to heal as the opposing team will likely have done enough damage by now to make her heals more relevant. Finally I have Skoll in position 6 as he scales off of low HP targets. This strategy works great for PVE and PVP. For futher PVP specialization, move A'ishah (healer) with Skoll (DPS). This gives more priority to damaging opponents before they can use their healer.

2) General Formation Strategy
In the above, we went over attack order and why this matters. Next, we'll focus on some formation strategies. In the above screenshot we see the front line has a support, main character, and tank while the backline has an attack, healer, and another attack. Other than the attack order, why set them up like this? Let's compare some of their stats!



Very similar equipment, awaken, augment, etc. but Lydia has 100k more HP and 10k more defense (not to mention higher block, resil). This is important as the majority of heroes will attack your frontline first before targeting the backline. This is especially relevant in PVE. Tanks and the main character also have higher tank stats than healer/atk heroes. Be sure to keep this in mind as you build your own formation.

Other formation strategies:
While the strategy above focuses having a support/tank, these are not fully needed for PVP. In PVP, there are strategies to have a pure ATK/Healer team in which you burst down your opponents before they can heal. In this, players have ATK heroes in the front so they can move first. This strategy uses the set attack order in their favor and works great in PVP. However, it has drawbacks in PVE as the bosses cannot be bursted down easily and will likely defeat your ATK heroes before they can launch their attacks.

by FreeLotus (S1)

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