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General Guide from Neit (S1)

08:20 Aug 24, 2018

1. How to start

This first step is pretty important. Like in other F2P games, we can get a special VIP level by spending money. This will give you a big advantage to other players, like higher BR, level, shards and other in-game consumables, but what VIP level is the best one by now?

We have a total of 15 VIP levels in this game and the rewards for each one are pretty sweet!
The most important ones to start are:
- VIP 4: Mikaela Shards (enough to level her to 1 Star)
- VIP 5: You can buy 2 more "Main Char EXP" attempts in Trial
- VIP 6: Mikaela Shards (enough to level her to 2 Star)

The most important one is VIP 5, since you can get way more EXP than other free or lower VIP players. If you can spend enough to get it, just do it! If you can´t spend much more than this, I would recomend you to spend each day during the "New Server" week, since you will recive more rewards and you will still get ahead.
Remember you have a "VIP Shop" where you can buy Recruitment Scrolls, Stamina and other usefull stuff.
You will recive the "First Recharge" wich is pretty sweet.

You are a free player? Don´t worry, you will get strong with time and effort!
If you want to compete with the top players, you will need to be active and use all resources the game gives you. Sadly, if you forget to log in one day, at least at the start of a Server, you will suffer pretty much since pretty much everybody, free and VIP players will be stronger than you.
But the most important part is to have fun, so don´t panic!

We all want to level up fast enough to continue with the Main Story-line, but it will start to be rough at some point. Here is the most important stuff you need to know and to do to level up fast.
Obviously, having VIP 5 will give you extra EXP everyday, since you can do "Main Char. EXP" Trial up to three times a day (1 for free, two spending Diamonds).

Challenge Main Character Trial Everyday!
If you are a free- to VIP 4 player, you can only buy one more challenge everyday, but it is still one of the most important places where you should spend your Diamonds at. This way, you will be abel to do the Trial twice a day.

Complete Main Tasks
This is one of the most basics of the game. If you can continue your Main Task, go for it! You will only need some Stamina and time to complete it and get a nice amount of EXP in Rewards.

Complete Side Tasks
You will have up to three different Daily Side Tasks. EXP, Gold and Guild Quests. It is important to do (auto or by yourself) them all everyday to become all the rewards. Try to do them with MAX Stars, even if you need to spend some diamonds for it (At leas, at the EXP Quests).
Now, if you have enough Topaz Diamonds to buy the Royalty Nobility Privilege, you will have automatically 5 Stars on every Quest, without spending a single Diamond! This is pretty important since you will safe a lot of Diamonds everyday.

Buy Stamina and Farm
Like everywhere, you need to farm shards for your Divine Arma, Heroes and to get EXP. I recomend you to farm the last Capitel of every Chapter to become a little bit more rewards. Still, you should priorize to farm Divine Arma Shards and important Heroes i will mention later.
Buy Stamina up to 4/5 times, and if you are VIP, buy the one in the VIP Shop!

2. Wings and Mount
Buy all the shards you can in "free" shops like Arena, Guild Shop, etc.
Only AND ONLY buy them with diamonds if you need to enter in the "Top" for the New Server Event.
I know it can be pretty tempting to buy them when you only need two or three more upgrades to become a new Mount or some WIngs, but it is still not worth it, even if you are VIP. Safe your Diamonds for later.

3. Guild
Look for a nice and active Guild! I know this is basic, but finding a good Guild for the first days is always difficult since they will get crowded by "one time" players who will leave the game after three-four days.
- Try to find an English speaking Guild, this is always nice since you can communicate with everybody in the same language and there will be no missunderstandings.
- Always do Diamond donations. It only costs you 150 Diamonds a day to keep up a nice Contribution score. You never know, you may become the Guild Leader someday!
- Dont forget to claim all the treasures and your daily gold!
Shop: Buy the Mount shards and Sheila (healer) shards daily. This is a nice way to spend your Guild Points and you will always have enough if you do the Diamond Contribution.

4. Conquest and Realm
- This can get a bit boring at some point since you don´t really have a "Simple Battle button" for them, but it is really important to do them Daily since the rewards (specially from Realm) are pretty important.
- Try to open some extra treasures in Conquest till you reach Level 3, then I would just farm it daily since the progression is much slower and the enemys start do be harder.
- Buy extra Attempts for "Astral Field" in Realm and/or clear the highest one you have. These ones are REALLY important for you if you want to get a nice BR boost!

5. Runes
- Don´t forget to Combine them at the Warehouse (Inventory-Warehouse Tab) and improve them everyday.
- Don´t buy special chests with Runes, you will become good ones at some point and they are usually high-priced (diamonds).
- Don´t sell them! 100 gold for each Rune? No thanks!

6. Tree of Origin
Depending on your Teams formation (and Heroes you have) you will choose between two Divine Armas.
Damage or Healing.
I personally recomend having two healers (Main Char as Healer till you get the Ode) since the enemys start to get harder and harder, and they are ALWAYS on the back row.
This means, it is going to be a long fight. You will need all your heroes alive when you kill all the "minions" or it is going to be a rough fight.

The Ray of Lugh is one of the best choices till you have the Ode of Yesterday.
Go with two DMG heroes, one Healer and one Tank.

This is pretty much all the basic stuff you need for a good start! Don´t hesitate to ask any questions and have a good day!

by Neit (S1 AngelsFightBack)

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