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The 3D MMO RPG League of Angels III Open Beta Successfully Launched!

05:58 May 28, 2018

Gtarcade is proud to announce that the much-anticipated 3D MMO RPG League of Angels III Open Beta starts on May 29th! Combining the advanced 3D engine, fantastic visuals and epic storytelling to create a unique fantasy world, the game is designed to push the limits of next-generation browser games.
Join us in the grand battle to recruit the strongest Angels to fight against evil Dragons for the future of Grace Continent! Players can play League of Angels III on Gtarcade platform, either in browser or download the Gtarcade Desktop App! Check out the highlights below!


>>Brand New 3D Fantasy World
From delicate scenes to distinctive characters and amazing special effects, the spectacular visuals in League of Angels III are sure to delight fans and newcomers alike.  
>Delicate 3D scenes
The magnificent scenes from Everlast to the Tempest Keep have manifested the quality that the efforts are well worth. The exquisiteness of the 3D scene is improved as without affecting the loading of the game. Players can immerse themselves in the magic world and explore by zooming in and out to check the scenes in full 3D perspective!
Pic Tempest Keep

>Distinctive Characters        
With the help of industry-leading 3D digital modeling technology, the characters’ personality and modeling details are fully displayed. The vivid personality of heroes and the fantasy scenes contrast pleasantly with each other which are set to impress. With the bright heroes in the squad, it relieves the pain that the war might bring to the Grace Continent.  
Gif Main Character

>Dazzling Visual Effects
The dazzling appearances of heroes, wings and mounts, and the visual effects in battle will lead players into the dreamlike magical Grace Continent where Angels sacrifice themselves to. The exhilarating moment when heroes cast skills in the battle, and actions and movements are quick and clearly visible. Each battle will present you with an extraordinary visual feast.

Gif In Battle

>>Stratege RPG Redefined
>Unparalleled Flexible Formation
      League of Angels III will challenge players to use their knowledge and wits to overcome increasingly encounters. Players customize different line-ups to form a variety of squads. The well-known heroes are all standing by to offer their service, such as the Legendary DPS hero Mikaela, the super cool DEF hero Silvia, the Healing hero Joanna, the essential Support Wendy e.t.c. Make full use of the heroes and form a elite squad, you’ll be triumphing over your enemies in League of Angels III.
Pic Temple

>Witty Tactics      
Epic bosses and opponents will take every possible chance to strike. Is the hero melee or remote? Should it be an attacking line-up or a defending one? Raid ancient dungeons, face off against epic bosses, and test your teams against other players; only players who can master various tactics can make themselves invincible.
Pic In Battle

>> Mighty Divine Arma
>Combinations of Divine Arma
League of Angels III takes the turn-based RPG to another level with its innovative combat and endless strategic choices. League of Angels III’s Divine Arma system will allow players to choose the skills of characters as they like! In another word, the main character doesn’t have a fixed career, which is determined by the Divine Arma equipped, so is with the skill of the main character. Master all the intricacies of the game and victory shall be yours!
Gif Divine Arma

>Twelve Divine Guardians
The key to defeating the evil Dragons lies in twelve Divine Arma watched over by twelve Divine Guardians spread across the Grace Continent. From the Offensive Freeman Glory, to the Healing Splinter of Stardust and the Support Frostbringer, seven kinds of Divine Arma are all at your disposal. Wearing a different Divine Arma can also change its appearance which is surprising! Find the mighty Divine Arma and the Divine Guardians to save the Grace Continent!
Gif Divine Guardians

>>Evolved Gameplay
>Clearing Stages in Tree of Origin
Do you want to be saluted by players all over the server? Do you want to reap the abundant resources? Try Tree of Origin!
Two modes are available for clearing stages in Tree of Origin: Normal Challenge and Auto Challenge. The Normal Challenge mode encourages all players in one server to clear as more stages as they can for better ranking rewards, while the Auto Challenge mode offers a way for players to clear the stages and claim rewards more efficiently.
Pic Tree of Origin
>Dominating the Arena
In the Arena, fighting spirit runs high as people relish in the bloody battles, watchful for the next winner. Players will be rewarded with abundant diamonds after defeating opponents and leveling up for the first time, as well as daily bonus rewards when dominating the ranking. Friendly reminder: Challenging players with similar battle rating, adjusting line-ups before the battle and releasing the skill of Divine Arma at the right time will greatly increase your winning ratio.
Gif Arena

>Slaughtering Monsters in Conquest
Countless warriors have met their end here, the fabled land of the Dragons’ treasures, where bleached bones scatter amidst yellow sands. Many a would-be dragonslayer have found them vanquished and subjugated as the Dragons’ minions. Only the truly gallant may stand fast against the Dragons and, with the Angels’ blessing, locate the buried Dragon treasure relics.
Players will get Empire Medals and accumulate to level up the Conquest level for better rewards. In terms of battle rating, to pass different stages will activate different Buffs which will add more battle rating! Are you ready?
Pic Conquest

>Challenging Evil Bosses in World Boss        
Evil bosses have descended one after another. The bosses are so strong that warriors from the whole server must fight together to finally killing the BOSS. Every day, warriors must assemble in a specific time period to fight in ruins, which will also yield great rewards according to the DMG ranking. Team up to fight in World Boss!
Pic World Boss

>Experiencing Guild Competition in Mine Wars
The Spirit Stone Mine has always been a hotly contested battleground thanks to its abundant resources. Many guilds have dreamed of hoisting their banners on top of the mine with the largest reserve. Only the greatest warrior may use the purest Spirit Stones to turn their Divine Arma into a legendary killing machine. The higher ranked the Mining Area, the higher the output.  Who can occupy the Super Mining Area? Try it!
Pic Mine Wars

Representing the next generation in the award-winning League of Angels franchise, League of Angels III c is set to impress all players, newcomers and fans alike, with its outstanding 3D fantasy visuals, evolved gameplay and epic storytelling to create a rich and unique fantasy world. Join us in League of Angels III now to fight a fierce battle to save the Grace Continent!

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueOfAngelsIII/
Official Forum: http://community.gtarcade.com/forum.php?gid=3136
Gtarcade Desktop App: https://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=312

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