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06:14 Jun 14, 2018

Isabel, Angel of War – Defending the Angels in the Name of War

During the Thousand Year War the Angels were completely defeated and had to leave the Star of Elysia, their war-torn homeland.
When being forced to leave the Star of Elysia, Isabel, the Angel of War, tried to re-examine her life. The trauma of enduring such devastation had made her weary, and she had begun to loath the pain and misery that war brings. She felt that no good could come out of war.
In order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Thousand Year War, Isabel decided to make a change.
When the Angels’ ark arrived at Sapphire, the other Angels went into a slumber to preserve what energy they had left. Isabel instead gritted her teeth, and by the use of an arcane art, she forced herself to stay awake until the first trace of celestial power returned to her.
Using such an arcane art came with a hefty price. The side effect was no laughing matter. The continuous torment of both body and mind was such that it was inconceivable to any ordinary person. However, driven by her faith, Isabel persevered.
When she stood upon this new world, she looked back at the broken ark. As she remembered the Angels which had been bereft of their lives at the hands of the Titans during the Thousand Year War, she resolved to create a wondrous city, able to protect the Angels forever.
After stabilizing the ark, Isabel set out on her lonely and arduous journey.
The following thousand years were hers alone.
She traversed the continent in search of the sturdiest materials, and drifted alone to find the best artisans. The people on Grace Continent saw the birth of miracles.
In the 120th year, an enormous stronghold appeared on the ground.
In the 188th year, its near twin joined it.
In the 305th year, endless fields of flower petals bloomed.
In the 496th year, a harp similar in size to the strongholds arose, piercing the clouds.
In the 500th year, Isabel used the celestial powers she had preserved to make them all hover in the sky, stacking the two strongholds on top of one another in perfect symmetry, with the harp in the center. For the grand finale, she spread the flower petals around the new stronghold.
In order to commemorate the brave Angels who fell in the Thousand Year War with no-one to carry on their legacy, and as a constant reminder for herself to be vigilant for a war that could arise without notice, Isabel named this enormous floating stronghold ‘Tempest Keep'.
Isabel moved Tempest Keep to an area where rivers bound three of its sides, and hid the Angels’ ark behind it.
This floating fortress of unsurpassed beauty naturally attracted the attention of those with the intent to loot and invade it, and not long after its construction the first challengers arrived.
As Isabel stood expressionless and looked down at the approaching army, she activated the fortress' defenses.
At once the harp in the stronghold began to build up energy and released a protective barrier of thunder and lightning. Any and all enemies who tried to pass met the same fate, their ashes floating away in the wind.
Under Isabel’s restraint, Tempest Keep would only defend, never attack. In the eyes of mortals, this stronghold was the perfect defensive structure. In the following centuries, there were always those who didn’t believe the tales and attempted to assault the keep. However, they always returned in tatters.
Even though Tempest Keep remained impregnable, after having seen these insignificant lifeforms attack it time and again, Isabel was no longer content just defending.
On that day, the stars glowed with a dim light and black clouds extinguished the sky. Ceaseless rain fell around Tempest Keep which alternately hid and appeared from behind the clouds. The harp’s strings sparkled with electricity, the flower petals around the stronghold turned bright red, and Tempest Keep stirred. Every single mortal soul near the keep was completely obliterated by its lightning.
After the massacre, no other race dared come near again. Isabel felt peaceful for the first time in ages, but the stronghold’s immense power also frightened her.
She fell into despair.
She craved peace and protection for the Angels, and simply wanted to teach those with evil intent a lesson. She hadn’t wanted to hurt the innocent. If one day herself or perhaps another angel protecting their home would lose oneself to such power, the Angels, or this world, may be harmed beyond what the Thousand Year War had ever done. This is something that the peace-loving Angel of War, whose only wish was to protect her sisters and the entire Angel race, would never allow.
She decided to use the blood of Asherah to put a seal on Tempest Keep’s war mechanism. While the seal remains in place, the keep can only move, give warning, defend itself, and expel invaders. Only someone who has inherited the blood of Asherah can activate its full power, and must be allowed into the control room. Only then will Tempest Keep, which planted fear into the hearts of the Sapphirians, return to bring judgment upon its attackers.
As long as Tempest Keep stands firm, the Angels will live forever. The keep’s existence provided the Angels with the most solid of barriers.
After having done all this, she looked upon the ‘miracle’ she had created. Her body had long since surpassed its limits, and she fell into a deep slumber.
One day, Isabel, the Angel of War, will return to Sapphire, and dedicate her all to the Angels.
“I am the Angel of War. War itself is meaningless. However, the protection which war gives birth to holds meaning. Sisters, I wish you safety, I wish perpetual peace for us Angels!”


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