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06:12 Jun 14, 2018

Alecta, the Angel of Vengeance - The Hunt for Death and Darkness

Alecta is the Angels’ adjudicator and executioner.
She obeys Asherah’s commands, and exacts punishment on Angels who have sinned.
In her eyes, there are two kinds of sinners:
The first are those Angels who have committed unforgivable crimes, whose wings she will personally cut off.
The second are Angels who have been tainted by darkness. These she will bring back to the Angels so they may await their judgment.
She is feared by the Angels and hated by sinners.
The Angels have forgotten her name, and refer to her as "The Angel of Vengeance".
“When being pursued by the Angel of Vengeance, there is no escape.”
This is what the Angels say.
However, only a few Angels know that there is an exception.
During Alecta’s long life, there was one offender who got away.
The deserter Aunisi, Angel of the Night.
Alecta and Aunisi knew each other as mentor and friend.
She was of great importance to Alecta.
However, Aunisi became tainted with the power of darkness, and Alecta was ordered to bring her back to the Angels.
During their battle, Alecta managed to wrestle away Aunisi’s artifact, the Ode of Darkness.
Aunisi used this opportunity to escape from Alecta’s grasp, and not a trace of her could be found.
Alecta viewed this one failure as the biggest disgrace of her career.
She vowed to find Aunisi and cleanse her of her sins.
She always keeps Aunisi’s artifact on her person, so as to constantly remind herself of her unfinished task.
After arriving at Sapphire, this concern was forgotten. But Alecta still remembered her mission: to cleanse the power of darkness.
At Sapphire, those with the power of darkness were many.
Through this surge of darkness, she detected a very familiar darkness.
Even though she knew her chances were slim, she refused to forsake any chance of finding a clue to Aunisi’s whereabouts.
So she left the ark, and on her lonesome set out to cleanse Sapphire of darkness.
While executing creatures of darkness, she attempted to find the origins of that familiar aura.
When the War of the Formless began, Alecta was on a mission at the Grace Continent.
Suddenly, she found herself surrounded by the Legion of the Formless, and before blacking out she received heavy injuries.
When she woke up, she noticed she was on a farm.
The farm’s owners were an elderly couple.
They were very obviously afraid of her, but they nevertheless tended her wounds with the utmost care.
To save the elder couple from their fear, Alecta left without a word of goodbye.
She returned to the battlefield and prepared to search for where the Legion of the Formless had gone.
Halfway through, she was gripped by a sudden uneasiness.
There was something that compelled her to go back and check.
When she returned to the farm, Alecta found the dead bodies of the elderly couple.
She lifted up their corpses with the intent of burying them.
But the corpses wriggled out of her grasp, and began to crawl all by themselves before attempting to attack her.
In that moment, Alecta sensed that familiar and massively powerful darkness.
There was no mistaking it, this was what she had been searching for: Aunisi’s power.
She cleansed the dark power gripping the corpses and they immediately turned to dust.
Alecta was certain that Aunisi was the puppeteer controlling the corpses from somewhere.
She finally found a trace of Aunisi, and had a breakthrough in her unfinished mission.
When she was pondering how to find Aunisi’s hiding place, she heard a hoarse voice from outside the house:
“Who dares destroy the Eye of the Scourge, my sacrifice to the Nether King?”
As soon as she heard the voice, Alecta stormed out of the building to find its origin.
However, the only thing she found was a pile of bones.
The skull’s mouth opened wide, as if it wanted to say something, but its jaw was forced shut.
Faced with this skeleton and the corpses outside the house, Alecta was lost for words.
The Nether King, the Eye of the Scourge, resurrected corpses......
She would not let Aunisi escape the Angels judgment a second time.
Alecta would be the one to cleanse Aunisi of her sins.

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