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Wheel of Fortune: Win the New Mount Night Falcon

01:04 Jan 18, 2019

Hail warriors! We are so proud to introduce our new mount - the Night Falcon. As one of the few flying mounts, Night Falcon grants a sharp rise in the battle rating of your heroes while adding a huge amount of bonus HP, ATK and DEF, not to mention its fearful sharp feathers and imposing appearance. From Jan 20th to Jan 22nd, the legendary mount will be available in Wheel of Fortune where all players will have a chance to obtain it (for both permanently and 3-day). Win this stunning mount and triumph over your enemies!

Event Time: Jan 20th - Jan 22nd

Entrance: Click “Wheel of Fortune”

Story of Night Falcon
Centuries ago, a place named Winter-night Fortress was abandoned on Grace Continent. Few people lived in this vast land due to the cold winter wind that never ended. When the Yulier Kingdom was divided into three, however, Lucis Yulier decided to occupied the Winter-night Fortress and started to build his country as well as his dictatorship.

Citizens live in Winter-night Fortress were wild and unruly. In their hearts, there were not only the endless cold, but also their ambitions to conquer the world and soar through the skies.

In the winter of every year, when the Eagles migrate to the warm southern lands and pass Winter-night Fortress, soldiers would catch them and train them cruelly to become a Night Falcon to strengthen their country.

Appearance of Night Falcon
Night Falcons are eagles with pure dark brown feathers. With sharp features like blades, and have magic crystals on their foreheads, Night Falcons have saddles decorated with military emblem of the Yulier Kingdom. Remember to not provoke the Night Falcons, they have unpredictable tempers and a quick beak.

What’s New in Wheel of Fortune
1. Added a new legendary mount --Night Falcon which grants a sharp rise in the battle rating of your heroes while adding a huge amount of bonus HP, ATK and DEF. In addition, it also has an awesome flying animation.
2. Added new Theme Rewards. You can win high-value rewards like Lv5 & Lv7 Gem Exclusive Chests.

Are you looking forward to adding this fabulous creature into your collection? The Night Falcon will be available in Wheel of Fortune from Jan 20th to Jan 22nd. Spin the wheel for the chance to obtain it (both permanent and 3-day).

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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