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Smelting and Reforge: Recycle Materials and Boost Your Equipment!

11:05 Nov 06, 2018

Are you looking for ways to make full use of your materials and increase your battle rating? In Update 3.8.0, League of Angels III is introducing Smelting and Reforge, new features that will allow player to recycle the excessive materials and reforge to add stats to their equipment of legendary and above quality! Read on to find more details.

PIC Smelting and Reforge

Smelting: Make Full Use of Your Extra Materials!
Requirement: Level 100 and above

Entrance: Open Smelting in Transfer.

All players who are level 100 and above can get access to Smelting through “Transfer”. Simply select the extra materials and spend Gold, you’ll be able to recycle the materials and obtain a special item “Reforge Powder”. Each smelting has a chance to be critical, and you can get as high as 5 times of the Reforge Powder.

PIC Smelting
By selecting “Common””Rare””Epic”and ”Legendary”, you can easily choose all the materials of the quality to smelt in just one click. Check out the list below to see the materials that can currently be smelted:
Soul flask I
Soul flask II
Blessing Stone I
Skill book I
Skill book II
Stellar Stone Fragment
Small Stellar Stone
Immortality Ore
Infinity Quartz
Moonlight Crystal
Supremacy Crystal
Refining stone
Augment stone I
Spirit stone I
Spirit stone II
Antler Stone
Cobalt Stone
Blessing of the Angels
Empower Csrystals(lv1 ~ lv4)

Reforge: Boost Your Equipment!
Requirement: Equipment with legendary or above quality
Entrance: Open “Reforge” in “Equipment”.
Reforge is designed to add more stats to your equipment and greatly increase battle rating! Equipment with Legendary or above quality can be reforged to get stats including HP, ATK, DEF, DOG, RESIL and BLOCK. The Mythic Equipment will have a chance to get three more stats, i.e., HP Rate, ATK Rate and DEF Rate.

PIC Reforge Interface

The Reforge Powder that you obtain through Smelting is the essential material to reforge. The higher the stars, the better the stats. Players can decide whether to keep the stats or continue reforging if they are not satisfied with the new stats. Please note that Equipment Rebirth will not return any Reforge Powder used. Choose wisely!

PIC Reforge Stats

Smelting and Reforge will be available after the update on November 6th. Final update will be determined in game. Play League of Angels III now and stay tuned for more great content to come to this free-to-play MMORPG this November!

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