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Update V3.8.0: New Features Smelting and Reforge

11:20 Nov 05, 2018

No more worries about the excessive materials! In update V 3.8.0 this week, League of Angels III is introducing [Smelting] and [Reforge] which will allow players to recycle the extra materials and gain stats for the equipment with legendary or above quality! [Smelting], which unlocks at level 100, can be accessed via [Transfer] and [Reforge] via [Equipment]. Plus, Guild Leader and Deputy Leader will be able to send mail to other guild members, and Omen Shard is added into Legendary+ Shop where players can get his shards even without “Featured Hero”.
The update will cause a disconnection between 6 A.M. and 7 A.M. November 6th (EST). Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Check below for more details.

Update Time: November 6th
New Version: V 3.8.0

Estimated Update Time:
PST Servers: 3 A.M.--4  A.M. November 6th (server time)
EST Servers: 6 A.M.--7  A.M. November 6th (server time)
EU  Servers: 0 P.M --1  P.M. November 6th (server time)
HKT Servers: 6 P.M.--7  P.M. November 6th (server time)

New Feature:
Players who are level 100 and above will be able to unlock Smelting, which is accessible from [Transfer]. By smelting the extra materials, players will be able to recycle the excessive materials to obtain Reforge Powders that can be used in [Reforge].
[Reforge] is accessible from [Equipment]. Players can use the Reforge Powder to gain 3 or 5 stats for their equipment with legendary or better quality.

1.Guild Leader and Deputy Leader will be able to send mail to other guild members.
2.Added 5 new Realm levels.
3.Added [Omen Shard] in Legendary + Shard Shop.
4.Added new Chapter 31.
5.Added sending time to all the mails.
6.Replaced the loading picture of Starry Summer theme with Haunting Eve theme.

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