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Athena, the Angel of Protection

05:36 May 02, 2018

The Divine Inquisition Upheaval (Athena, the Angel of Protection)

The Divine Law (Supplementary) the Fourth Commandment: “Angels shalt not enter holy matrimony with other races. For light violations thy wings shalt be clipped; for serious violations thou shalt be executed.”

This is a law which all Angels must abide.

When Johanna, the Angel of the Stars, traveled around the Grace Continent, she and Virion, the prince of their mortal enemies the Black Dragons, fell in love and gave birth to Theresa, a non-pure blood angel.
This of course incited a mighty uproar among the Angels.
Moira became furious and immediately sent Alecta to bring back the mother and daughter to Paramount.
Alecta imprisoned them in the Divine Inquisition’s maximum-security wing, and began the preparations for their judgment.
Athena, the Angel of Protection, found out that her younger sister Johanna had been captured.
Athena was the Chief Judge at the Divine Inquisition, and as to her little sister Johanna’s judgment she could but remain silent and neutral.
In order to avoid arousing suspicion and to not show favoritism, she decided not to participate in the final trial of Johanna and her daughter.
However, one’s post is one thing, and one’s feelings another entirely. Athena was very worried for Johanna and her plight.
She knew that Johanna had given birth to a non-pure blood, a serious offense with no turning back. And Moira, who supported the pure blood law unconditionally, was sure to sentence Johanna to death.
If she were to save Johanna, her only chance was to create complete disorder during the Divine Inquisition’s trial.
But she was fully aware of just how strong Moira was, and saving Johanna was an exercise in futility as long as Moira attended.
To find Virion of the Black Dragons’ whereabouts, she used her sister’s artifact, the Memory of Asherah. She then secretly relayed this information to Moira, who harbored deep resentment toward the Black Dragons for insulting the Angels in such a manner. Moira quickly set forth to capture Virion, and appointed the violent and easily irritable Mikaela to handle Johanna’s trial.
Mikaela pledged to Moira that she would exact justice upon Johanna in Moira’s place.
So as to appear neutral, Athena decided to join Moira in her search for Virion.

But before departure, Athena went to find Fortuna. Fortuna, who was compassionate, merciful and sympathetic.
During her discourse with Fortuna, Athena talked about how horrible Johanna’s plight was. She made sure to emphasize her love for her sister, and how helpless she felt not being able to aid Johanna due to her station.
And seemingly in passing, she also mentioned Thea, Fortuna’s older sister, who had been forced to leave the Angels for marrying outside the race.
This stirred Fortuna’s feelings.
Fortuna couldn’t help but feel sorrow and said: “To love is no crime, and a tragedy like my sister’s should not be repeated.”
Athena felt that inciting a rescue attempt from within was not enough, she also needed a spark from the outside.
A jailbreak! That would be a very direct way of rescuing Johanna.
So Athena used the Memory of Asherah once again, and sent a distress message with the time and date of the final trial to the Black Dragon Prince’s friends upon the Grace Continent.
On the third day after Moira and Athena had departed, Johanna’s final trial at the Divine Inquisition began.
During the trial, Mikaela, who insisted on the death penalty for Johanna and her daughter, and Fortuna, who insisted that they were not-guilty and should be released, argued back and forth.
As darkness fell, the trial had been underway for most of the day. Apart from arguing it had borne no fruit, and the participating Angels were already exhausted.
That was when a few individuals who had hidden their faces broke through the Divine Inquisition guards and rescued Johanna and her daughter.
Mikaela, who had underestimated the enemies, became enraged and exclaimed that it was an assault on the Angels dignity: "We can’t let them escape, we must return them and exact our judgment!"
Mikaela decided to pursue Johanna herself, but Fortuna, who wished for Johanna’s escape, went with Isabel to stop Mikaela. Mikaela’s and Isabel’s weapons met, and a rebellion broke out.
During the fighting, Mikaela, at full power, accidentally turned the entire Divine Inquisition into a sea of fire.
Athena’s rescue plan was almost complete, there was just one last step.
The Divine Inquisition was ablaze, and it seemed as if the impending destruction of Paramount was inevitable.
Glacia, who some hundred years back had witnessed the destruction of Paramount, knew how devastating a rebellion would be, so she froze the entire Paramount and put an end to the fighting.
Johanna, her daughter and their rescuers took advantage of the chaos and fled Paramount without a trace.

Due to this rebellion, the disputes among the Angels flared up and the three factions, namely the Eagle Faction, the Dove Faction and the Neutral Faction, were each on their own path to aggrandizement so as to keep each other in check.
It was the prime of spring in the 560th year of the Age of Divine.
The Angels had split into three.
Taking the lead, Athena left the Angels with Glacia and established Midas Empire in the hopes of protecting her little sister.
Moira lead a faction of strong Angels who despised non-pure bloods and established the Tempest Empire.
Fortuna knew she could be of no further help to Johanna.
So she established the Divine Empire in the hopes of protecting every race across the Grace Continent.
Thus, the Divine Inquisition Upheaval came to an end.
It shook the entire Grace Continent and ended the Angels unity.

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