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Unlock New Mount Seat of Fortune via Wheel of Fortune

03:57 Mar 08, 2019

Want to dig some fun this weekend? Why not try the new Mount - Seat of Fortune in Wheel of Fortune! Seat of Fortune is a Legendary Mount which looks like a magic flying chair surrounded by Clover Elves. It can add more than 5k BR and a huge amount of bonus HP, ATK and DEF. 

From Mar. 9th to Mar. 11st, the Legendary mount will be available in Wheel of Fortune where all players will have a chance to obtain it (for both permanently and 3-day). Win this fantastic mount and triumph over your enemies!

Event Time: Mar. 9th to Mar. 11st

Entrance: Click “Wheel of Fortune”

Seat of Fortune

To memorize the achievement that Asherah sealed Three Tyrants in Tree of Origin, Angels wear the green costume and hold feasts to celebrate rebirth annually. On Rebirth Day, little Flora will summon the elves of Clover to create rocking chairs made by rattan. And as the word says, people who sit on this chair will receive the fortune.

What’s New in Wheel of Fortune
1. New legendary mount -- Seat of Fortune which can add BR by more than 5k and add a huge amount of bonus HP, ATK and DEF. The flying seat is held by clover elves which looks really special than ever before.
2. More Lottery Tickets – Obtain more lottery tickets when complete certain tasks.
3. Total Recharge for rewards -- Accumulate required recharge amount during event time to claim a series of great rewards, such as Lv. 4/5/7 Gem Chest, Creation Sketch Choose Chest and Soul of Creation and others.
4. Mounts Recycle – Blackpyre is added in mounts recycle.
5. Seat of Fortune Sale – Use lucky coins to redeem Seat of Fortune Sigil when you satisfy the conditions.

Have you been attracted by this magic new Legendary Mount? Seat of Fortune will be available in Wheel of Fortune from Mar. 9th to Mar. 11st. Spin the wheel for the chance to obtain it (both permanent and 3-day).

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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