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Win New Relic Essence of Blood in Angel’s Treasure

03:27 Mar 05, 2019

Jump in for great Rewards starting Mar. 6th until Mar. 8th in X-server event Angel’s Treasure! The new relic Essence of Blood is beneficial for ATK & HEAL heroes, don’t miss the chance to get the new Legendary relic. 
By using the Angel’s Treasure Lottery Ticket (Abbreviated as “AT’s Lottery Ticket”) and spinning the wheel, you have the chance to get Essence of Blood as the Theme Reward and other various items as Normal Rewards. 
Continue read for more details.

Event Time: Mar. 6th to Mar. 8th (server time)
Server: X-Server
Entry: Click “Angel’s Treasure” icon in game interface


Essence of Blood

Essence of Blood is a Legendary Relic, which is indispensable for ATK (i.e. Theresa) and HEAL (i.e. Johanna) heroes. 
Essence of Blood is the relic made by the Bloodborne. They created this relic with Pandora's blood to show their gratitude for her. The relic is composed of four parts: Angel's Blood, Icy Crystal, Plate of Destruction and Plate of Rebirth. 
--Angel's Blood is actually Pandora's blood. which contains her power. 
--Icy Crystal is a special crystal formed with icicles. The Bloodborne somehow crafted it into an hourglass.
--Plate of Destruction is a blue plate on the bottom of the frame. It shows that the Bloodborne were once human.
--Plate of Rebirth is a red plate at the top of the frame. It shows the Bloodborne after they were saved by Pandora.

Essence of Blood has a passive skill: Blood Reborn. The Bloodborne never betrays their own blood. Pandora gave them her own blood to grant them new powers. For every 20% of overall HP lost by allies, their healing taken is increased by 7.5%. Ally heroes also has a 15% chance to reduce targets' healing taken by 60% when attacking. Effects last2 rounds.

You are able to unlock this Relic after collecting Angel's Blood, Icy Crystal, Plate of Destruction and Plate of Rebirth, which can be obtained in Angel’s Treasure.

Event rules
1. Claim ONE AT’s Lottery Ticket for FREE every day. Daily limits will be reset at 12 A.M. every day. Also, you can use Diamonds or Topaz to buy it.
2. Every 5 times guarantee Theme Rewards, i.e. Essence of Blood Selected Chest.
3. The wheel has to be stopped manually (a slight delay will appear after tapping).  You will get the indicated reward when wheel stops.
4. Each attempt grants 10 Treasure Creeds, you can use them to buy different items in the Treasure Store.
5. Treasure Creeds will be cleared when event ended.

Rewards Description
1. Theme Rewards are placed in the four corners of the pool as usual. You can claim the remaining rewards after all the Theme Rewards have been collected.
2. Each attempt will grant points: 5 points for Normal Rewards and 20 points for Theme Rewards.
3. Each attempt will grant 25% Luck Points. 100% Luck Points guarantee Theme Rewards.
4. You can get Extra 20 points when you empty the prize pool.
5. You can be ranked when earning more than 300 points and win Super Prize with more than 2000.
6. Points will be cleared after the event and the reward will be sent by email when event ends.

What’s new
1. Essence of Blood Selected Chest, Angel's Blood, Icy Crystal, Plate of Destruction and Plate of Rebirth were added in the Themed Rewards.
2. Eternal Mirror Selected Chest and Random Chest were added in Replacement Rewards.
3. Essence of Blood Selected Chest and Random Chest and Sacred Amber were added in Points Ranking Rewards.
4. Wings of Ascension Selected Chest and Random Chest were added in Treasure Store. 

Angel’s Treasure is an X-server event therefore you’d better get many points ASAP to get a higher rank and win Super Prizes! And don’t forget to make the most use of your Treasure Creed in Treasure Store during the event!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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