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Featured Hero: Inanna

08:45 Aug 21, 2018

Inanna, who lost her wings for her crime which led to a great crisis across the Grace Continent, will show up in the popular "Featured Hero" event. As a legendary support hero, she has her own skill to punish her enemies.  Starting from August 24, players will have three days to obtain the mass-debuff support from Featured Hero. Read on to find out more details.

“PIC   Featured Hero”

Server: S1 to S24
Event Time: August 24th to August 26th (server time)
Entry: Click “Featured Hero” icon in the game interface.

Angel Inanna, as the first Support hero to appear in "Featured Hero", is hard to be neglected. The daughter of Athena, Princess of the Midas Empire, sinner of Angels, is arrogant and capricious since childhood. She possesses a passive skill which enables her to silence her target, not to mention that she has a chance to decrease the target's DEF or chance to dodge. Seize the chance to take the four-star legendary hero into your squad!

Inanna’s skills
Crime and Punishment: You call upon the power of desire to attack the enemy with highest ATK and deal (ATK *95% +50) damage. Has a chance to decrease target's chance to dodge by 30% for 2 turns.
Sinner's Cage: Every one of Inanna's blows contain the power of desire and have 10% chance to silence her target, rendering it unable to use skills for 3 turns.

Corrosive Desire: You amass the power of desire to continuously attack a single enemy and deal (ATK *105% +55) damage. Has a chance to decrease target's DEF by 20% for 2 turns. Level 4 Empower will unlock a low chance to reduce the target's DEF by 20% in extra.

“GIF   Inanna in Battle”

Event rules
1. There is one Theme Hero for each “Featured Hero” event. Players will have the chance to obtain the Theme Hero Shards and the Theme Hero during the event, as well as other heroes and their shards.
2. Players can draw 1 time FOR FREE every day. Draw times will reset at midnight every day.
3. Each draw will grant 10 points. The accumulated points can be used to open Points Chests which contain the Theme Hero Shards.
4. First Drawing x1 using Diamonds each day will get half price off.
5. Drawing 5 times will guarantee Theme Hero Shards, i.e. Inanna shards.
6. The points will be reset after each event.

Inanna will be available in "Featured Hero" event from August 24th to August 26th. You'd better act fast if you want to summon this powerful support and augment her to full stars! We hope all players can build a elite squad of theirs and explore more ways to play the game!

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